Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Post-Op Visit Update

Today was my first post-op visit with the gyno doctor.  I made sure to do the "big shave" this morning when I showered!  I absolutely detest shaving my legs.  Why do we have hair on them anyway?  So, I headed off to work for about 5 hours.  It was soon time for me to head home - I wanted to shower again so I didn't smell like bloody girl.  Ew gross.  I seriously do not know how women wear pads when they are on their periods.  They are disgusting.  They slip and slide around.  They are either too far up front or too far to the back.  They smell.  It feels like you're wearing a diaper!  They are just gross.

Tampons, you are my friend.  I love you.  I'm sick of you, but I love you.  Poor Melon Man...before my surgery, he was buying two boxes of these a week - and not the 18 count boxes either - the 36 counters!  Either way though...you are truly one of God's greatest inventions.

Oooh...where did I go?  Off on another diversion, I guess!  So, anyhow....I got ready to get in the shower again and I noticed I was hardly bleeding today.  Seriously...why does that happen?  You bleed, bleed, bleed, finally get to go to the doctor to find out why (again), and then you stop bleeding!  The doctor does an exam and says everything looks good and there is not one drop of blood "in there."  Yay!  Also, the pathology reports were good.  Nothing abnormal.  Yay!  The recent bleeding and horrible cramps I've been experienceing are likely just my hormones and uterus and ovaries trying to figure out what's going on.  He said to give it 3 months.  If the bleeding starts up again and continues, we'll look at other options.  I told him I'm all good with a hysterectomy.  He said there are even other options before that.  So, that's good.

So....hello husband.  Hello nookie.  Hello!  And....the next time I do bleed...hello tampons!!!!!!  Now I'm gonna go look for the receipt for that unopened package of pads and take them back because I do not need them now!

Oh....and one other fantastic thing....I actually lost 4 pounds over the holidays instead of gaining like most people!  Yay!

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Linda Lu said...

Thanks for the update! Glad everything looks good at this time. As for the TAMPONS, you are lucky you can wear them. I'd put one in and it would slide right out. My ut was so tipped that my Dr. couldn't believe I was able to carry my two children. Anyway, happy to hear the good news. Enjoy your getaway!