Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Thoughts

A while back, someone spoke in Sacrament meeting about getting more out of the talks that the speakers give.  I believe it was the Bishop because he sees everything that happens during Sacrament meeting from where he sits on the stand.  I'm sure he sees people sleeping, talking, texting, being bored, etc.  I know I've been bored or fallen asleep plenty of times in my life.  I often wonder how he feels when he sees all of this.  It probably feels like a lost cause sometimes.  You can't force people to listen, nor can you force people to give good and interesting talks.  But, on the other hand, those who are in the congregation should give the person speaking the opportunity to share what they've prepared and they should also give the Holy Ghost the opportunity to bear witness to them that what is being said is true or to touch their hearts.

A few weeks went by and I was still struggling to get anything out of Sacrament meeting.  I often wished that our church was like other churches where the leader gets up and gives a sermon about a topic and everyone takes notes or pays attention at the least.  I realized that wasn't how our church is and so I decided to find a way to get more out of the talks on Sunday.  I figured that the person giving the talk had probably spent HOURS researching and writing their talk - the least I could do is pay attention to what they were saying for at least the 40 minutes we were given to listen to the two or three speakers that day.  I decided that I would find at least one thing out of at least one talk that was interesting or touched my heart that day and then I would blog about it.  Since I've been doing so, it's helped me pay more attention to what is being said and has greatly helped me recognize God's hand in all that we do.

At church today, one of the speakers talked on Personal Revelation and the different ways we can receive it.  I'd never really thought much about it before.  But, as she spoke, I could see that we have so many different opportunities to receive guidance and direction from our Heavenly Father:

1.  Not that it would likely ever happen to me, but Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ could appear to me as they did to Joseph Smith.
2.  I can gain personal revelation through my own testimony or that of another.
3.  I can have personal experiences that come from personal revelation.
4.  I can receive personal revelation from prophecies given to leaders and shared with me.
5.  Heavenly Father can compel me to act upon promptings to do something.

It was a very interesting talk - one that really helped me think more about personal revelation on a different level than I had ever done so before. 

After church was over, we headed to Auntie Sigie's for her belated birthday celebration.  Marybeth and James arrived at the same time we did and then Gwen, Bob, Kiefer, and Janae all arrived a while later.  We had steak and potatoes, mushroom gravy, hunter sauce, Shelly's salad (which we brought), rolls, and green beans and corn for dinner.
Afterward, we had a delicious coconut cake that Marybeth made. It was so yummy and we all requested the recipe.  Auntie was laughing about something here...but I can't remember what!
After we ate dessert, all the gals decided to play a rousing game of Mexican Train.  But, first, Auntie had to vacuum up Melon Man's excess salt.  :)
McKean, Marybeth, and Lisa.  McKean closed his eyes on me.  Stinker!
Me, Gwen, and Auntie.  After the game, Auntie opened her gifts.  I had the hardest time coming up with something for her gift.  But, Melon Man was all over it.  He had the best idea.  This is what we gave her:
This is a picture of Auntie with her two sisters on both sides of her at the beach.  My mom is the one on the right (in the picture) and the one at the top is Auntie Tia.  What a bunch of sunning babes!  Auntie loved it.  I loved the frame.  It was just clean and classic - reminiscent of the time.  She teared up a little.  Good present, honey!

Soon we had to be on our way.  Four a.m. comes early, so we headed for home.  It's so good being able to be with family for special times!


Jennifer said...

The salad looks delish. I haven't made it in a while.

Clintamous has to be one of the most thoughtful present givers ever. Lucky you!

Maybe you Julie and I should head for the beach for a photo shoot so I will have something to give you in 30 years? Huh, huh? lol

Cindy said...

Every single bit of it is AWESOME! Great post.