Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uck, I'm Sick, But I Must Go On (Revised)

I am sick.  Yep.  I didn't want to be, but I am.  I have little to no voice.  My throat feels fine now, but I have no voice.  I felt horrible when I woke up this morning so I tried to sleep it off and finally got into work around noon.  I figured that was fine since tonight we went out to dinner with our new VP. 

We had a "meet & greet" this afternoon with him, asked questions, got answers, laughed, etc.  Then, we went to Aribba's Mexican Grill.  It's okay.  I'm not a big fan.  We were done about 7:40 and I headed home.

That was about the extent of my day.  Nothing exciting.  Just a bit of a surprise rain shower though so that was nice.  I'm off to bed now.

A revision to my post....

Okay, so I knew I was missing something for today's post.  Yeah, there was something "exciting" that happened today.  Not exciting at all actually, but rather sad.

When I arrived at work, one of my peeps came in and shared some sad news with me.  A dear friend, Art Meirose, had a heart attack yesterday while he was driving home and he crashed his truck through a concrete wall and into a house and died.  It's been confirmed that he died from the heart attack, not from the accident.

I've known Art for a LONG time.  Probably almost as long as I've lived in Arizona.  He always had a jolly laugh.  He worked in the training department at our company for many years and then was severed last year in May when we had our first company-wide reduction in force. 

One thing I will always remember about Art is how he didn't seem to judge others.  There was a young man who used to work with Art who was very openly gay.  Art, being a pastor at his church, probably didn't condone homosexuality, but when Dan died of cancer, Art was right there offering his church for the service and performing it as well.  He didn't care that Dan was gay.  He didn't care that a lot of Dan's gay friends were in his church.  All he cared about was Dan.  He put together a beautiful video montage of Dan's life.  And that's just how Art was.

This is the very short video piece that was on the news tonight...

God be with you Art, 'til we meet again.  Oh, and tell my mom and cousin Wendy hi for me.  You'll like them.

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Sigie said...

We did not see this on the news. When did this happen?