Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Power of a Simple Prayer

Lately at work, I've been going through some stuff that has been bothering me.  I come home a lot and "beast" about it to Melon Man and frankly, he's tired of hearing it.  It's caused me to be ornery, mean, abrasive, angry, irritable, and say potty words.  That's not how I want to be.  Plus, I think the extended release happy pills I've been on lately weren't working too well.  So...first thing to do...change back to the non-extended release pills.  Yeah, that is already starting to help.  I can feel it in just a matter of two days already.

Second thing to do...

Yesterday one of my peeps and I were discussing the events at work and how they're affecting both of us at work and at home.  I felt prompted to ask her if she'd like to join me in prayer each morning when we first get to work.  She kind of looked skeptical at first, but when I explained that I thought that might help us get through the day better, she agreed and so today was our first day doing it.  I offered the prayer and asked for help throughout the day, for guidance, understanding, calmness, and the ability to just look past what is happening and not get upset.  She is just starting to go to a church (amazingly they don't teach how to pray there) so she was kind of taken aback by my prayer and said she wouldn't have been able to do that.  I told her we're just talking to God and that when she feels comfortable to do it, she can - however she feels like doing it. 

I look back at how the day went and I really do think the prayer helped.  The day seemed to go much smoother and there was less panicless anger, less irritability, and less consternation throughout the day.  Even as I drove home tonight, I felt more peace than I have for a while now.  I hope Melon Man will see the difference when he arrives home in just a little bit.

It's amazing what a simple little prayer can do in our lives!

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Jennifer said...

I think that was a a great idea. It sound like not only can it help yo both, but it may be a great way to help this person understand prayer and to have a relationship with her Father in Heaven. Good for you!