Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vegas, Day Two, Part Two

After we were done visiting the house of wax folks, we headed back over to the Venetian and decided to go on a gondola ride. Talk about expensive. It was kind of fun though even if Melon Man wasn't romantic. I have always wanted to go to Italy and experience all the romance of Venice and such, but Melon Man isn't really into italian anything so I doubt we'll ever go. So, this was the next best thing. Look how beautiful blue the sky is. And the buildings, incredible.
The gondolier asked us why Melon Man doesn't want to go to Italy.  I replied, simply, he doesn't like tomatoes.  That caught the guy totally off-guard.  He even lost his "italian" accent and said he'd never heard that one before.

But, the coolest thing is that this is all INSIDE the Venetian hotel! Yep, that's not real sky. It's the ceiling and it's painted to look like it's real. There are all kinds of shops all around with places to sit and eat and visit and what not. (I would have liked to have done that, but I wasn't feeling too hot at that point and really just wanted to go back to the hotel and lay down.)
The gondolier talked with us me quite a bit and then he started to sing to us....he had a very strong voice and I'm sure it helps entice people to come on a ride hearing the lovely voices and seeing couples in a romantic little boat...
When we were done on our ride, we waited around for our souvenir picture to print out and we started back for our hotel.  I never realized just how much my purse weighed.  But, it was really heavy and that, along with my own weight and hauling a purse and shopping bags around threw off my hip and back and legs and everything else and soon I was in misery.  I knew I still had to walk back to our hotel and I was just about to tell Melon Man to just go on ahead of me because I knew it would be a while before I got there.  But, he pretty much stuck by me and soon we were in front of our hotel.  We sat on a small planter wall near the entrance of the hotel for about 10 minutes and just watched the people come and go.  We looked at all the different types of people - rich, not so rich, fancy, trashy, normal, not normal.  It was just interesting to see it all.  Soon we headed into the hotel.  Neither of us were very hungry yet so we decided to just sit and play a few more slots for a bit.  Melon Man put in some fundage on this machine and I sat next to him and put five bucks in mine.  Yep, my five bucks was gone in about 3 minutes.  However, Melon Man took the advice of Maria (Shelli) and soon he was hauling in the "nickels".  We were excited!  Yeah, we weren't winning thousands of dollars but then we didn't come here with that intention either.  It was just for fun.  But, who's to say that winning a little bit isn't fun?!?!
See...there are a lot of "coins" on this machine! 

Finally, his machine started to slow down a little and so we decided to head for the room. But, as we were walking, we saw another machine that looked like more fun so we sat down and he played one and I played one.  Yeah, I did horrible again.  But not Mr. Melon Man!  He pushed this button and that button and before we knew it, the wheels were just a spinnin' and he won $120!  That was it.  We were outta there.  He'd won back MOST of what I'd lost in the last day and a half.  Good.  I was glad.

So, with that, we decided to head off to the TI "Coffee Shop" where we started off with this beauty - five really big shrinp in their bathtub of cocktail sauce!  YUM-O-LA!
Then, our meals came out.  Melon Man had decided to get the rib-eye steak.  I tried to get really good pictures of everything, but they didn't work out (I still had my camera on the "food" setting from taking the shrimp cocktail picture).
So, this next part was actually very funny,,,,

Melon Man starts eating his meal and he picks up this green thing and shoves it on in.  I asked him how he liked it and he said not bad!  His usual reply.
Then, I proceed to watch him eat a couple more pieces.  Yep, he ate about 4 more pieces.  Then, I told him, "I thought you didn't like asparagus!"  He replies that it's not aspargus, it's green beans.  I told him to look again.  Yep, it's asparagus.  He wouldn't eat one more piece.
This was my chopped cobb salad.  It was pretty good.
So, after dinner, Melon Man decided to head up to the room.  I decided to stay downstairs and play a little.  Yep, that lasted all of 15 minutes.  I blew through $60 like it was water.  Good thing Melon Man had made up for it with that big win earlier.  We ended our little trip only being down $40.  We felt it was fine since we didn't really go there with the intention of winning - just to relax and have some fun.  So, I headed upstairs and hung out with the man until we fell asleep.  Off to home tomorrow....

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