Monday, May 24, 2010

Yo Hablo Espanol

When I was in junior high and high school, I took 5 years of spanish.  (I also took 2 years of german and a year of french.)  I learned a lot, but I never really had the opportunity to put it into practice much and over the last 25+ years, I have forgotten a lot of it.  I've always wanted to use my spanish and periodically, on occasion, I have been able to either make small conversation or to ask simple questions.  But I never felt like the 5 years I'd spent had really taught me a whole lot.

Well, last year, around this time, I began going through the Rosetta Stone language learning program to refresh my spanish skills.  I began studying mid-summer and by September, I was doing pretty well.  But, then, something happened and I just stopped cold turkey.  For months, I have not worked on my spanish at all.  However, I only had a year to learn as much as I could and then my "license" would expire.  Well, that year mark is coming up on May 29th and I still have a bunch of lessons to finish.  So, for the past few days, I have put all my spare time into finishing these courses.  I will likely have to take Friday off so I can finish on time, but it will be well worth it.  I have learned so much more this time and my skills and the words I learned all those years ago have come back to me much more easily than I thought they would.  In fact, things that I had struggled with previously made much more sense to me this time.  I've noticed as I've gotten older that things that I thought I really understood as a teenager meant so much more to me as an adult and often have been much easier to understand.  Such was true with my spanish classes.

So...I must get back to work now or I'll never finish in time!  Adios!

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Cindy said...

Explain the 'license' thing...I'm not familiar with Rosetta Stone.