Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Today...

So, there is this website I stumbled across recently that you use these particular phrases in your daily blog entry and it helps you quickly record just a few tidbits about your day.  It's called, "For Today."  I think I'll try it while I'm having blogger's block.  Hopefully it will help me get out of this funk I'm in.  I am in an emotional funk right now maybe that is why my blogger funk is going strong as well.


outside my window... a dark, warm Arizona evening.  Saw a beautiful sunset while driving home from Lisa's tonight but was all alone so I couldn't share it with anyone.
i am thankful for...a father who raised me in the gospel and taught me a lot while I was young.
i am wearing... just my Gs.  It's almost night-night time.
noticing that... i feel highly emotional this weekend.
i am reading... A Banner is Unfurled, volume 2, by Marcie Gallacher and Kerri Robinson.  It's a book series about the Ezekiel and Julia Hills Johnson family who are my ancestors and were very early members of the church.  Yes, I'm actually reading something.  I know...hard to believe.
on my mind... my relationship with my dad - or lack thereof right now.
pondering these words... "The father is the head in his family. Fatherhood is leadership, the most important kind of leadership. It has always been so; it always will be so.  As a leader in your home you plan and sacrifice to achieve the blessing of a unified and happy family. To do all of this requires that you live a family-centered life. Fathers, by divine decree, you are to preside over your family units. This is a sobering responsibility and the most important one you will ever assume, for it is an eternal responsibility."
around the house... footprints on the wood floors from my lotioned feet.
from the kitchen... cucumber salad left over from father's day dinner at Lisa's.
one of my favorite things... watermelon and grapes in the summer.
i'm creating... the itinerary and budget plan for our Michigan trip.
a few plans for the rest of the week... visiting teaching, laundry, getting off work after only 8 hours per day.
from my lens...a picture and two videos of little John for his grandma Cindy and his papa Duff...


Cindy said...


This gramma can't stop smiling right now!

Lisa Tucker said...

So Cute!