Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Five Year First Date Anniversary, Melon Man

Yeah...that first date was a doozie.  I thought for sure he was going to get down on one knee and propose.  Luckily, he didn't!  I would have taken off running!  But, it was still a very sweet date that I will never forget.  He "asked" if he could hold my hand.  He told me he couldn't offer me riches or a big house.  But, he did tell me that he was an honorable priesthood holder, a full tithe-payer, and paid a very generous fast offering (which I later came to find out was far more than I felt was generous enough!).  He told me he was looking for someone to be with for eternity.  He had a whole list of things that were important to him.  I cried.  I took out my list of things that were important to me too in my next spouse.  It had about 20 items on it.  He met all but two - he didn't have a college degree and he hadn't been on a mission.

I never thought I would marry someone that I met on the internet, but then I NEVER thought I would ever get engaged only 16 days after meeting someone for the first time either! 

Thank you honey for loving me the way you do.  You may not always be the most romantic man, but you really are a wonderful man and I'm glad I'm your eternal companion.

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Katie said...

16 days?! Oh there has to be a story behind this! and I want to hear it!!! 16 days?!

I'm glad you have eachother... but 16 days?! when you know you know I guess. Good for you!