Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Could Barely Contain Myself!

Jennifer called me yesterday needing my help again with some camp stuff.  I was very happy to oblige!  They are making darling little glass tile necklaces for each of the girls.  Each girl will get one in their ward's color.  There are 13 colors representing each of the Young Women values (yes, there are more colors than values, but some are lighter or darker versions of the colors).  I came up with the design and plunked them on out.

Okay, so I was SO EXCITED when I was finished with these that I seriously almost called Jennifer. But, it was after midnight there and I was sure she'd gone to bed already so I didn't. But it was REALLY hard to contain myself! I started to get teary-eyed because as I was working on these I once again felt God's hand guiding my own into making something that was pleasing unto Him for these girls. I could only imagine these darling necklaces hanging from the necks of 300 girls who were out in the wilderness drawing closer to Him.  They will be so cute!

I also helped her "beautify" her camp schedule.  I love it...she does all the work to put the info into a document and then she sends if off to me to pretty it up.  Here's how it turned out.  Amazing...all the stuff that goes into making camp a successful and rewarding experience for EVERYONE that attends!  (Just noticed that the tip of the swirlythingamajig got cut off in the picture at the bottom.  Oh well, at least it's there on the actual printouts!)

Jennifer called me amazing tonight. I have never thought of myself like that at all. I've always thought of myself as just another person, a person who is always in the background, never in the forefront - kind of like the foreground/background tool in Photoshop...always in the background. Tonight, I felt like I actually had some talent. Like I could actually see the gift that God gave me. I was so GRATEFUL to Him while I worked on these. I can't even explain it. Jennifer, THANK YOU for needing me to help you with this camp stuff. It had truly given me a sense of myself and my own talents. Love you!


Cindy said...

It's always interesting to me that we don't recognize our own strengths and talents that others see in us. I guess it's easier to focus on our faults and weaknesses.

You ARE amazing. You have so many talents and strengths. Glad you have this opportunity to be such a help to your sister.

Jenn said...

Post a picture, please! Every year I try to have something for my hubby to give the girls at girls camp when he does his bishop's fireside. I would love to see your creation to get some inspiration :)