Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Feel Like a Living Zombie

Really.  I do.  I feel like I've died and am trying to come back to life.  Jet lag is just not fun.  The time zone changes are just hard. 

The ride home was quite the spectacle, to say the least.  I took this little video of the storms that were off to the side of us.  I missed the really good ones - they were awesome! - but this one still captures the essence of what was going on.  It takes about 10 to 15 seconds to get into it, but eventually I start to capture the lightning flashes off in the distance...

I spent the night at Lisa and Tile Guy's last night since Melon Man was at work when I finally got in last night.  Lisa had some dinner waiting for me which was so delicious and yummy after a long day.  I woke up this morning when Melon Man arrived after he got off work and we headed home to let the dogs out.  Apparently, one or more of the dogs had had an accident in the scrapbook room the day before and Melon Man found it when we arrived home. had to be cleaned up....yuck.  Thanks for doing that for us, honey!

After that was done, we headed to the Coral for brunch.  It was nice to be with my Melon Man again.  We went home and both of us just zonked.  I slept for 6 hours and then finally got up.  I guess I needed some good sleep!

We missed the groundbreaking for our new Stake Center and the Stake Pioneer Day breakfast, but it was okay...we just needed to be together, get some rest, and be quiet.

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Lisa Tucker said...

It was fun always glad to help out!