Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Off to the Windy City

It's that time of the year - Plan Season - when I head off to Chicago for our annual plan meeting.  It worked out that I also needed to be here for a Leadership Development meeting, so I'm actually here for the entire week.  I already miss Melon Man and Dog...even the little dogs too.  I hope the week will go fast.  I slept almost the entire way here.  I guess I really needed it!

It's incredibly humid here right now.  I began melting the moment I stepped off the plane.  There is just something about the humidity here.  It's so wet.  I actually hoped I wouldn't be affected by it, but there was no escaping it.  I dread going outside because I know I'll quickly start pouring forth water from my body like it's air. 

I do love this city though.  It's so beautiful...both downtown and out here in the burbs.  I love the forest preserves.  I love Lake Michigan.  I love all the trees.  I love the many different cultures.  I love the food.  I just love it.  But...I hate the humidity!  If there was no humidity, I could probably stand to live here all year.  I guess that's also why they have such wet winters here too.

Take a look at this picture...this is what makes me love this city so much beautiful!  Hmmm....humidity and tornados though....makes me question my love for Chi-town and if I could really live here....


Lisa Tucker said...

Looks beautiful! You have always loved that city!

Cindy said...

It is a really nice picture. I've never been there-just landed for a layover and the airport was CRAZY-but I've heard it is amazing.