Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wednesday's Words

Left work ON TIME today.  Rushed home to get dinner made because we were having the missionaries over for dinner.  Melon Man had already been marinating the chicken, so that was very helpful.  Cleaned up the table and got it set, made the green beans, broccoli au gratin rice, and salad.  Started sweating profusely.  Missionaries arrived.  Elder Beard plunked around on the piano while Melon Man grilled the chicken and I melted.  What the heck?  There was hot air blowing out of the A/C vents. 

We'd just paid almost $600 last week for service on this crappy machine.  Seriously, I know it's 109 degrees outside, but it's worked fine when it's 120 degrees outside so why is it acting up now?  Called the company again to come out.  Finally starts blows somewhat cooler air while we were eating dinner with the Elders.  They sang us a song as their spiritual message and then were on their way.

By the time the guy got here, it was working a little better and the temperature inside the house had dropped a whole whopping 1 degree.  (When I got home, it was 79 in here and I thought it was warm so I'd turned it down to 75, but then instead of the temp going down, it climbed to 82.)  Felt like a fool.

Discussed buying a new unit.  About dropped a load when he said anywhere from six to 12 thousand dollars.  Nuh-uh!  Are you freakin' serious dude?  I thought for sure the 6K would be at the top end of the range, not the bottom. 

We talked a little more and then I asked if he had anymore calls to go to. He said no, he was headed home and would find someplace on the way home to get something to eat.  I offered him the last of our dinner from the night and he was shocked and accepted.  We visited while he ate and found out he is LDS, but hasn't been active in a long time.  We talked some about that and I hope our little discussion sparked something in him to want to return to our church instead of the "easy" one he attends with his wife.

Fell asleep watching some WWII movie with Melon Man and unzipping digi files on my laptop.  That's it for the day!


Cindy said...

Dinner sounds good.
Yikes on the AC. That's kind of a necessity in AZ. I can't imagine what people did before it. Hope you get it figured out soon.

Jennifer said...

That was really nice of you to offer him dinner and then for him to accept. What a great experience!

Lisa Tucker said...

Really what an awesome experiance. I hope you wrote it down. How is the air now!

Jonah said...

awesome check out my blog