Friday, October 22, 2010

One of My Favorite Sounds

I have been working on vinyl like crazy this week.  And I'm still not finished.  So, I decided I'd better take the day off and finish it.  There would be no way to get it all done for tomorrow otherwise.  All the ladies will be here sometime between 10 and 4:30 to finish up their Super Saturday projects.

These are how the new tiles turned out:

I think they are very cute!  The Happy New Year tile is actually black and a holographic silver, but when the light hit it when taking the picture, it made it look really colorful!  I think the ladies are going to really like these!  I'm only kind of disappointed in the Summer tile because it was supposed to have blue lettering all around the edges but I just couldn't get it to cut correctly.  The top picture also doesn't show the right colors - the sandals, the flower, and the present are all hot pink - but, oh well.

While I was working on cutting vinyl, I heard a loud noise outside.  It was extremely overcast outside so the the sound was intensified, but the second I heard it, I knew exactly what it was.  It is actually one of my very favorite sounds.  It is the sounds of the Jets from Luke AFB.  The roar is incredible.  It had been a while since I'd been home during the day and heard the jets overhead.  It brought a proud moment to my heart.  The fact that I live so close to the AFB makes me happy.  The fact that Melon Man served in the Air Force makes me happy.  The fact that thousands of men and women give their lives freely to keep this country free makes me happy.  It was just such a good feeling at that moment and brought a small smile to my face.

Well, back to cutting vinyl....

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