Sunday, November 28, 2010

Grateful for Friends

This coming Saturday is our Ward Christmas Party.  This is the invitation and poster I made.  I really like it.  I found the green and lights background online and then added the text.  It just looks really neat on the posters and handouts.  I received a number of compliments about it for which I am really GRATEFUL.

As part of this whole shindig, I have been happy to be the design person - design the decor, design the posters and handouts, design the table decor, design the program, and design the "Gift".  I love doing this kind of stuff!  If only I could get out of the help set up, serve, and clean up tasks!  Oh how nice that would be!  Maybe, I will be able to this year since I will have done so much other stuff behind the scenes. 

Speaking of that...Linda came over today and helped me tape and wrap all the boxes for the centerpieces.  I was so GRATEFUL to her for her help!  She was so methodical about it all.  She suggested taping all the boxes first (which I would have done too), but then she also suggested cutting all the wrapping paper first too.  What a timesaver that was!  Good thing all the boxes were exactly the same size!  We did 30 boxes and it took about 90 minutes or so.  We had a good time talking about a wide variety of subjects and just getting to know each other more.  We were going to have taco salad here at my house, but since I hadn't seen her house since she moved in, I finished making the salad and then took it out to her place.  I had a nice dinner with both she and David, talked for a while more, then headed home.

I still have about 12 bows to make and then I will be done with those - thank goodness!  I still have the "Gift" to do and the program as well...all before Friday night.  I am struggling with the program right now because I just can't find the perfect "flow" for it yet.  I will, I know but for now, it's still a moment by moment thing.

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Jennifer said...

You ARE so amazing and talented! Thanks for sharing all your awesome ideas. You are the best!

I am glad that you had a buddy to help you with your presents. It sound like fun!

Love You!