Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is November 9th TOO Early for Christmas Lights?

Melon Man was in charge of locking up the church tonight and as we were driving home, we drove past a street where I thought I saw Christmas lights on one of the houses.  We turned around and went back and sure enough, this yard was decked out!  This is a horrible picture since we had to use Melon Man's cell phone camera to take the picture, but you get the idea.  (We'll eventually go back and take a better picture.)  The place was all lit up.  I guess they just wanted to be the first on the block this year!

I have noticed something this year already.  It was like, okay, Halloween's been over for 2.6 seconds, let's get out the Christmas stuff!  And people are actually happy about it being "the holidays"!  I think that the last 2 or 3 holiday seasons have just been such bummers because of this economic disaster we've been in that people haven't wanted to really do anything - or even more likely - haven't been able to do anything or as much as they would have.  It really makes you think about how Americans go to excess sometimes.  It's been SO SAD these last few years not seeing all the houses with Christmas lights.  Hopefully, these folks who have put up their lights early will inspire many others to get out there and do the same and bring back the Christmas cheer!  I've already told Melon Man I want to put our tree up this week!


Jennifer said...

It drives me crazy when people turn their Christmas lights on before Thanksgiving. I am all for holiday cheer. But Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It seems to get more skipped over every year. I like time to enjoy my Thanksgiving decorations.

Lisa Tucker said...

I like to mix a little Chritmas in with Thanksgiving. I have had fall up since September. I am ready for Christmas. In fact I am putting the tree up this weekend.