Sunday, December 5, 2010

An 11-Year-Old Testimony

I fell asleep on the sofa last night...again.  I woke up and it was 5 a.m. and I still hadn't worked on the bulletin for today.  I jumped up and hurried and went and did it.  I jumped in the shower, Melon Man came home from work, and we were off to church.  Oh, man, will I be glad in 4 weeks when we move from 8 a.m. church to 10 a.m. church!

Today was Fast and Testimony Meeting.  It was really good.  But best of all was the sweet little testimony of an 11 year-old young lady.  She just so happens to be the bishop's daughter, but notwithstanding, she always amazes me with her gospel knowledge and her testimony.  She began by mentioning that she wanted to talk about the program at the party last night.  With that, my ears perked up even more than normal.  She started by telling the congregation that there were five characters in the program, but that she wanted to focus on the Innkeeper.  This intrigued me. 

She said she had thought about the Innkeeper and wondered if he had been rough and mean and told Mary and Joseph that they could only use his stable or they'd have to move on or if he had been told by the Holy Ghost to allow them to use the stable.  She wondered if he'd been chosen ahead of time to fulfill that special position and to direct Mary and Joseph to that lowly place of places for our Savior to be born in.  I cannot capture the beautiful way she shared this, but it was so incredible to see the sweet testimony of this young girl.  As she had first started speaking, I had begun to softly cry because I was so touched.  But then, I looked at the Bishop, her father, and noticed his eyes looked a little misty as he watched his daughter share this lovely message with everyone.  I lost it at that point - I started sobbing.  What great parents this girl's parents are!  They have taught their children so many gospel things!  They are amazing to watch in Primary.  They know all the answers.  They are just amazing.

There were plenty of other great testimonies today as well, but this is the one that really left a footprint on my heart today.

After church, we headed home and had leftover turkey sandwiches for lunch, then Melon Man went to bed.  I started to blog but I quickly fell asleep and woke up 20 minutes before I was to be at Linda and Desert Dweller Dave's.  We were all getting together to belatedly celebrate Lisa's birthday.  I jumped up, got dressed, and headed out the door. 

On the way up 163rd Ave, I looked over at our new Stake Center and they've placed the steeple and started on the roof!  I had to take this picture while I was driving, so it's not that great.  But, it tells the picture...

Lisa and her parents arrived a little while later and we all had a nice visit.  In honor of the chili dogs we were having for dinner, DD Dave chose to wear this Hot Doug's t-shirt...

After dinner, we visited some more, toured the house again, and then had cake.  German chocolate cake.  Yum-o-la!  Linda made it by scratch and it was SO good!  I loved that she put 5 candles on one side and 1 candle on the other side - it was a neat way to say "51"!  Happy belated birthday Li-Li.  We love you!

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Cindy said...

Oh, yes does that cake look awesomely delicious!