Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have You Ever...

...fallen asleep in your vehicle...while it's sitting in the driveway...after you just drove home from work...and slept there for over an hour?

I have.

Twice this week.

Earlier this week, I was so tired that I was weaving all over the road while I was driving home from work.  I got home and it was just getting dark and I just sat there in the truck for a minute, or so I thought, and closed my eyes.  Thirty minutes later, I woke up and went inside.  I was tired.

Today, I left work a few minutes early because I wanted to get home before the migraine I was starting to get came on full force.  Well, I made it home, but I once again fell asleep sitting in the truck in my driveway.  I had called Melon Man at 4:20 and told him I was on my way home.  I pulled into the driveway at 5-ish.  I turned off the truck, left my head laying back on the headrest as it was the whole way home, and just closed my eyes trying to fend off the nasty migraine monster so Melon Man and I could go out for some dinner and run an errand.  But, before I knew it, my cell phone was ringing and it startled me awake.  It was Melon Man asking me where I was.  I looked around seeing that it was now completely dark and the Christmas lights were on and said, "In the driveway.  What time is it?"  He replied that it was almost 6:15.  What?  I'd been asleep over 75 minutes - just sitting in my truck.  Luckily, my migraine was feeling slightly better so we went and got some dinner and ran our errand, but then it came back again.  I hope it feels better in the morning.  I have way too much to do still for the Christmas party to not feel well.

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