Saturday, December 18, 2010

On My 2nd Day of Christmas Break...

I had breakfast with a friend who recently moved from the ward.  We ate in downtown Glendale at Bitzee Mama's.  It was a lot of fun to spend that time with her and touch base on stuff.  I also got a "peak" at Glendale Glitters - which I've never been to during the 18 Christmases I've lived in Arizona.  I bet it's a beautiful area at night with all the old trees all lit up and the hot air balloons all aglow!  I just wish I wasn't a crowd hater...because I'd really love to go!

After we parted ways, I headed to the Verizon store to pick up a couple of earbuds for Melon Man and me.  We DON'T talk on the cell phone while driving unless we're hands-free - okay, wait, "I" don't and now Melon Man won't either!  I had to buy new ones because the jack is 3.5mm instead of 2.5mm.  But, then, of course, the store only had one of the kind I was looking for, so I had to buy another one for Melon Man, but I think he will actually like it better than my kind.  However, after I got into the car, drove away, opened the other package while stopped at a light, I realized that his came with a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter in addition to the regular connector.  Well, blow me down Mrs. O'Reilly, drat.  I could have saved $12 and just used that adapter with my old earbud and we could have gotten a two-fer with that!  Oh well.  Always happens to me.

Next, went to Michaels to try to find some more 3/8" or 1/2" wired silver ribbon.  Um, sure.  The Saturday before Christmas when everything Christmas is now on sale for 60, 70, 80% off?  Not gonna happen.  So, instead of paying $0.79 per roll, I ended up having to pay $3.99 per roll and got white with silver trim instead.  It will work though...I hope.

Next, off to ... where else ... Lowes ...for ... what else other than ... more tiles.  Yes, I promised myself and I promised Melon Man that I would stop taking tile orders until after Christmas.  But, these are just simple family name tile orders and they are quick and easy, so I took the orders.  Cross that stop off today's list.

Next, headed home and walked into a bacon house again.  Poor Melon Man.  He loves his bacon, but poor me, I almost vomitted - truly - after being in the house for less than 2 minutes.  He had even lit "the bacon candle" while he was cooking it.  But, he must not have left the candle burning long enough to get rid of the smell because like I said, it was bad and I almost wretched all over.  I think the move to cooking bacon outside on the grill is getting closer and closer to fruition....

So, now, here I am, in front of this computer organizing the rest of the week on a spreadsheet.  Everything from tasks to be completed, shopping to be done, and baking to be baked.  I'm a list girl.  Yeah, I didn't want the next week to be filled with chores and this and that, but sometimes that's just how it ends up or else nothing's ready on time, momma turns into a major witchy-poo, there are lots of tears and loud voices, and hurt feelings so this is what I do to try to prevent that.

Next, I'm headed into the workroom kitchen to finish up a few things, then going to get going on some other tasks.  Have to practice the piano a LOT today since I will be playing in Sacrament meeting tomorrow - well, accompanying the Primary kids for their two songs.  I am so nervous that I'm going to mess up royally! 

Also still on tap for today...
  • Get the tree skirt on under the tree
  • Make our Christmas Eve handouts
  • Get the shipping label for the Oklahoma box done
  • Fill out and mail all our rebate forms
  • Do the bulletin for tomorrow


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