Monday, January 17, 2011

100 Miles Round Trip for Food Storage

Melon Man has been having this feeling that we need to add more food storage.  So, since today was a holiday for me, I decided to head down to Chandler (I always want to call it Cha-nand-ler from Chanandler Bong aka Chandler Bing on Friends) to go to the Honeyville store (which is over 100 miles round trip but so worth it!).  Melon Man and Linda went with me.  It was NOT a good trip for  How on earth did a cart full of #10 cans, 3 buckets in varying sizes, and a 50 pound bag of flour come to $367?  It just does.

We got a number of new things that we didn't already have...some in multiple cans: 

Freeze-dried cheddar cheese
Freeze-dried mozzarella cheese
6 grain mix
Shortening powder (we have one of these but it is really old)
Freeze-dried mushrooms
Freeze-dried zucchini
Tomato powder
Freeze-dried bell peppers
Dehydrated carrots (I hope these are better than the ones at the cannery!)
Freeze-dried asparagus
Freeze-dried blueberries
Margarine powder
Sour cream powder
Sourdough bread mix (and it doesn't require a starter!!)
Artisan flour

On the way home, we stopped at Hot Dog Heaven aka Der Wienerschnitzel and had an early lunch.  It was nice sitting out in the sun and eating and chatting.  We headed back to our house and unloaded.  Linda left to run some errands and Melon Man headed for bed. 

Later in the afternoon, I ran to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a pizza/bread stone.  Why would I need a pizza/bread stone?  I found a recipe the other day for "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" and Melon Man picked up the cookbook for it for me a couple days later.  Thus, the reason for me buying artisan flour today (50 pounds of it!!).  I LOVE artisan bread!  I decided that this actually might be one thing I could bake and not ruin.  I had to actually ask the girl at Honeyville if they had the artisan flour since I didn't see it on the shelves.  They had to bring it out from the back for me.  It was $21 for 50 pounds. 

Have a watch of this video to see how easy it is!

So, I'm going to mix up a batch of the master recipe this evening and that, along with about 18 loaves of laundry, are what's on my list for the rest of today!

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Casey Lu said...

Hi girlie! This artisan bread video is neat, thanks for sharing!

I am sorry to hear that your nephew hasn't been in the best of health lately but I am very relieved to hear that he is home and feeling better! I will definitely keep him in my prayers as well as your family. So scary for one so young!

I don't know if your busy on Friday or not but wanted to invite you to the kids play performance. They will be performing Grease and Newsies at Willow Canyon @ 6:30. Tickets are $6.00. Would love to see you two there!

Definitely need to get together and do some scrapping. Let me know when is good for you! Miss you, oh and by the way, I saw you in Sacrament on Sunday and tried to wave to ya.