Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Firecracker Dance

Went to Mutual tonight.  It was "planning" night - where the girls plan the activities they want to do.  We already had a lot of the activities planned, but apparently (since I'm new and don't know for sure yet), it works best if we let them plan some of them too.  That way, they can't say they don't do anything fun since they're the ones who planned certain activities.

I think we came up with some fun things.  They are going to learn to make and sew their own little cutesy aprons, learn how to make tortillas and then fry them up like our family does for tacos, and do a modesty scavenger hunt at a store that typically sells more immodest than modest stuff.  They also planned the joint activity that the Laurels are hosting - they will be playing Just Dance in Sister Brown's backyard with it projected up on a sheet or on the back of the house, depending how it works out.  It will be a competition with mixed teams.  Should be a fun time!

After we were done planning activities, the girls all practiced the "Firecracker Dance" for the Ward Talent Show that's coming up on the 20th.  It's a dance they made up at Girls Camp to Katy Perry's song, Firecracker.  It is cute, just needs some more practice and some bigger movements.  And, I'm going to edit the song for them so it shortens it to the length they need and can give them a better ending.

We ended the night right at 8 PM and sent the girls off to their homes.  It's a little harder for me to feel comfortable not personally taking them home.  The younger ones mainly have parents drop them off and pick them up, but the ones in my class can all drive and since our building is a bit further from home now, I can only really hope and pray they make it safe.  We had a bit of a scare tonight regarding three of them, but they all arrived safely home - late, but safe.

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