Saturday, September 10, 2011

Belated Anniversary Celebration

I got home yesterday around 6 p.m. and was SO TIRED that I told Melon Man I just needed to sit down for a minute and then we would go out for dinner.  Um, yeah, didn't quite happen like that!  I was completely and utterly asleep on the sofa by 6:15.  At 7:30, Melon Man woke me up and said, "Come on, let's go to bed."  So we did.

I slept all the way until about 8 this morning!  I felt so bad that he had taken the day off so we could have the evening together and then I was too exhausted to even move or do anything.  So, today, we spent the day together...sort of.

We first went to The Coral for breakfast.  That was a lovely time.  Then, we came home and Melon Man called Dave to see if he wanted to go to the gun show.  Sure!  So, they did.  It was a bust and they were home fairly soon.  Linda and I both had "stuff" to do and didn't feel like getting out and about so we just stayed in the peace and quiet of our homes.  I worked on my lesson for Young Women tomorrow, the program for Sacrament Meeting, some handouts for the ward campout and then finished the temple bracelets the girls had made at Mutual.

When Melon Man got home, I saw his feet and about gagged at how long the toenails were.  So...I cut them for him.  See...long!  Yuck!
We both showered and got gussied up and went to dinner at Firebirds.  It was so good.  We love that place.  It was nice just being with my sweetheart in a sort of romantic setting, enjoying good food, and talking.

Once we were done, we headed home, but not before stopping at Fry's to buy some mouse traps and rice krispie treats to use for the object lesson in class tomorrow.  I can't wait to see the girls' faces!

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