Friday, November 18, 2011

Where the Heck Am I?

Tonight I had to go to Mesa to pick up some "things" (i.e. Christmas gifts) so I left work and raced to get to the store before they closed.  As I drove, I called Melon Man and chatted with him and then called Linda and chatted with her.  Soon, I was getting off my third freeway and was at my destination.  I ran in, picked up the items I'd already paid for, and got back in the truck to turn around and head home.

It was late enough (9:30) that I didn't dare call anyone to just chat all the way home, so I just listened to the radio.  They started playing Christmas music on Monday and I have been LOVE-I-N-G it all week long!  Businesses and homes are starting to put up Christmas decorations and I'm just feeling so FESTIVE already!  So, I'm driving along in the big red sleigh and I have the radio on loud and proud and I am just singing along to every Christmas song that comes on, belting them out one after another, thinking about all the fun stuff I'm going to do and work on this week, just being off in la-la land.  Then, it hits me...


I had no idea where I was!  Nothing was familiar.  It was dark so it made it that much harder, too.

Finally, signs!  Okay, at least I know now that I'm still on the right freeway and going in the right direction!  So, back to singing at the top of my lungs...until...

I, once again, had no idea where I was!

Thank goodness there are signs every so often.  It wasn't until I got to the airport that I didn't have this keep happening.  I guess I've been to the airport frequently enough that my brain recognizes it and from then on, I was good.

This whole thing made me realize just how much I have missed in the last 6 years.  I made myself a commitment that I would try harder to get out of work on time.  I am so looking forward to the next 9 days of peace and quiet...doing projects I've needed to do.  Doing all the laundry.  Putting up the Christmas tree.  Sewing the drapes finally for the living room.  Decorating the house.  Working on Christmas presents.  Re-setting the timer on the driveway lights.  All that good stuff that just needs to get done but doesn't.  Oh...and I am going to watch a ton of Christmas movies while I do it!  Tonight....Elf....while I blog....

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Cindy said...

Yay for Christmas music! I've been listening already too.

Good luck on all your projects. What a fun week for you!