Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Weekend Update

Worked a lot this week trying to get a lot done before being out for the holidays.

Still haven't decorated the tree.  The lights are still burned out and Melon Man is threatening to decorate it with it the way it is.  Can't have that, so I'll be putting a strand or two of regular lights on it to fill in the gaps for now.

Had a beautiful Ward Choir performance in Sacrament meeting today.  The second song was sung a capella and it was so perfect.  I need to write the choir director a note telling him how beautiful it was...

Finished up the gift for my co-worker.  LOVE it.  He's from Hawaii and I tried to make this capture very subtle waves in the background.  I hope he and his family like it.

Finished all of the family gifts and got them all wrapped and boxed up to be shipped out.  Taking them in to work tomorrow to ship.

Gave my lesson in YW today about the best Christmas Gift ever - our Savior.  Felt rushed so I don't feel like it came off like I wanted it to.

Helped Linda with her Christmas card labels.

Did the ward bulletin for this week AND for next week.

Marked off a couple of Personal Progress items.

Played the piano - especially since I am playing in Sacrament meeting on Christmas day.

Finished getting the things I needed for Melon Man's gift.

Had lunch with Melon Man at China City.  Love their garlic bread.  Yes, I said garlic bread - at a Chinese restaurant.  It's yum-o-la.

Wrapped Melon Man's gifts - except the one that still has not arrived.  Fretting...

Wrapped the secret Santa gifts we have so far.  Still have to go shopping for 3 more gifts for that and one other gift.

Didn't do laundry.  Didn't do dishes.  Didn't clean the house.  Didn't get the tree decorated.  But...I got a lot of other necessary things done, so that's least it's good enough for now.

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Cindy said...

Got lots done. Now you can enjoy decorating your tree!