Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Countertop and Cabinet are In!

Today I made the curtain for the window in the new Scrapboffice.  I tried stuffing it to give it some poof and I decided I didn't like it.  So then, I took the stuffing out and I still did't like it.  I think it had too much stuffing the first time, so I'll try it again with just a light amount of stuffing/poof and see how I like it then.  I also got the first countertop installed and in place along with one of the 5 drawer cabinets.  Melon Man put together the CPU cabinet for me today as well as the other cabinet like that one.  I actually may change up the order of the cabinets again now and use that one for my sewing machine since it would be siting slightly under a corner and would be easier to get in and out of versus if I put a 5 drawer one there instead.  I guess I'll decide this week sometime for sure.

No pictures today...too tired and still need to do my lesson and the bulletin.  We're making progress though!  I hope we can get it all put together and installed by next weekend!

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Casey Lu said...

Yeah!!! Sorry your not feeling well is there anything I can do for you?