Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Tale of Two Weddings

Melon Man and I met Linda and Dave at The Place for breakfast this morning.  Such good times with our being able to spend time with them in such a fun, new tradition.

After breakfast, Melon Man and I headed to Walmart to go order our new glasses.  I ended up needing progressives again (I'd quit wearing them about 2 years ago) and unfortunately cost-wise, I needed new frames because the new lenses with the progressives would not fit into my current frames.  However, I wasn't willing to pay what they cost at the eye doctor's place so we decided to try Wally's.  While there, Melon Man decided he'd like separate sunglasses for when he drives, etc. rather than the transitions, so we got him some of those too.  All told, $429 later, we were outta there.  I thought that was actually pretty good for three pair of glasses, including new frames on two of them, with anti-glare, anti-scratch, progressives for both of us, and transitions for me.

Next, we headed to AutoZone for new windshield wipers for my truck...finally.  Yes!  My windshield actually gets clean now when I wipe it!

Finally, we headed home so I could do my lesson and the bulletin before we headed off to the wedding reception for the boy young man who does did (?) our yard.  I can't believe the 15 year old who did our yard is now 21/22 and is married.  Where did that time go?  It was such a nice little reception and so many people there!  Great snacky foods!

As I stood in line waiting to congratulate them, I reflected back on what else this day held.  Today my baby sister got remarried.  I don't know her husband at all.  I've never met him.  We weren't invited to the wedding.  Nobody from our family was invited.  She was married at the courthouse in Las Vegas.  It was just so sad to me - all of it.  Although I wasn't happy that they chose to be married by a judge rather than a leader in our church and of our faith who could give them counsel and guidance to help make their marriage work and last, it hurt even worse that they chose to exclude every single person in the family - both families.  While her husband's family may be okay with that, our family just struggled to understand why.  I even cancelled Holly from coming today and had a backup plan for church tomorrow just in case she called at the last minute and asked us to drive to Las Vegas to be with her.  I would have done it in a heartbeat and I told her that yesterday when I called to wish her well.  But, she never called.  My heart has been so sad all day.  It is an experience that we missed and will never get to share with them.  I wonder if someone at least took a picture of them.

After the reception, we went and got some dinner then headed home.  We went to bed pretty quickly and after some know...., I was laying there thinking again about the events of the day.  Here Melon Man and I had know....and I was thinking about how Julie and Rich were probably .... you know.... and Derek and Bria were definitely.... you know..... all about the same time.  I thought about how sweet, innocent, and tender it was for the young newlyweds since it likely was the first time for both of them.  Then, I thought about how it was likely going for Julie and Rich - exploratory because it was hopefully new for them as well,  but more passionate because they've both been with another before so they already knew what they were doing.  Then, I thought about Melon Man and me and how it was more "routine" for us - still good, but routine, not the fire and spark of new romance.

It just made me think.  And I was sad again that I couldn't share this special day (not night!) with my sister.  Oh well.  It's over.  Move on.

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