Friday, April 20, 2012

Prom is Finally Here...and Done.

Prom is over - it was actually over on April 7th, but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it.  Not sure how I feel about that.  In one way, I am glad about not having to go to anymore meetings and to have some time back to do other things I need to do (like take down our Christmas tree).  In another way, I will miss feeling the spirit guide us as we work on preparations for Prom.

I worked the check-in desk again this year.  We ended up having 97 kids attend - up from 68 last year.  We had 11 singles and 43 couples.  It was more of a "fun" prom this year than a romantic prom like last year.  We've had feedback that the kids liked it more and feedback that they liked it less.  I think it all depends on who you're talking to though and whether or not they came as a couple or as a single.  We can only do what the Lord guides us to do though so hopefully, it was pleasing to Him.

Here are a few favorite pics from the was so fun seeing all the kids that DID dress up in period attire...and how many chose blue, black, or white which were our colors this year!

This cute backdrop was painted by the chairwoman of the committee, Kelley Bochman Smith.  Incredible artist!  Because all of the other major decoration props such as the lamps and fencing, etc were all donated by a local event company, she donated this backdrop and the formal picture backdrop to them.  I thought that was an awesome "thank you for helping us out."
Props for the fun photos
 The DJ area.  He wasn't quite set up yet, but you get the idea. 
The tables were decorated very 20s/30s with all the feathers and such.
 Sparkly glitter balls hanging along the path to the dance floor 
 Leading to the dance area
Some cute pom poms in the trees
 Sasha Wayas workin' the "bar" where they served Shirley Temples, Orange Dreamsicle Sodas, and Brown Cows (I think!)
 The entrance into the prom.  We had valet parking again this year.
 Brother and Sister Slade testing out the formal photo area.  He and Brother Pond built this awesome moon thing!
 Annette Roberts and Valarie Shumway posing for a fun photo!
 Jennifer and Ryan Bingham also having their fun photo taken.
The dance area right before the kids started to arrive.
 This is Amanda Mason - what a doll.  She works for the event company that donated the use of all the props.
 Jennifer Bingham and Fatty Girl.  I had nothing 20s-ish to wear so I put a little tiara in my hair and a long necklace, along with my silver flower bracelet.  These "sodas" were so yummy.  The kids loved them.
Four of the six girls in this photo came as singles.  They had a great time together.  Most of the rest of these pics are of the kids having a fun night.  I didn't get to see much of it based on where I was assigned, but it sure shows on their faces that they enjoyed the evening.

 This is Danika Cones, from my Laurels class, and her boyfriend, Jordon Martin, also in our ward.

 This is Garrett Brown from our ward and his girlfriend, Rain Wilson.  She is a non-member.  She has come to a few things at church - the Christmas party (she sat on Santa's lap) and our most recent activity - the hoedown.  I would love to have her in my class!  (But, she's already 18 and graduates in a couple weeks so it wouldn't likely happen.)


 This is Sammy Hyde and her friend Adam Ehle.  She is also in my class.  She wasn't going to come, but then she did.  I was so surprised and happy to see her there!  I wish her sister would have come too.  She actually made part of this dress!  Her hair is dark so you can't see it, but it really was darling!
 I did not know this happened because of where I was sitting, but I'm sure it's totally a joke!
 Are you sure there is enough room between the two of you?!?!?

 This is Kelley Smith and her husband, Bishop Smith.
 Valarie Shumway, Annette Roberts, and Sasha Wayas.  I have really come to love working with these women.  They are fun and we do a great job together.
It was a fun night.  We already have a few ideas for next year's prom.  For now though...time for some rest.

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