Monday, November 19, 2012

It Just Keeps Getting Better, Doesn't It?!?

Just when I finally start feeling relaxed enough to leave the back door open in the evenings, and just when I finally feel relaxed enough to open the garage door (and hurry and put it down right away), and just when I feel like things are somewhat starting to return to normal....

I get a text message from the one and only credit card company we use telling me to call them immediately.  I do and what do I learn?  Our credit card has been used fraudulently in California.  Not only was the number used, but it was SWIPED at a store there...which likely means our card was "skimmed" somewhere recently because a physical card was used yet both of us still have our cards.

I am getting freaking sick and tired of people thinking they are entitled to take, take, take.  Although we won't have to eat this expense ($500+), I feel bad that our credit card company will, and once again, I feel violated.  What is this world coming to?  This is the second time, actually, that our account has been compromised in the last two years.  We really do try to protect ourselves from things like this.  But, evil is out there and once again, it has struck us.  It makes me wonder - what's next and what am I to learn from all of it?

This sucks.

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