Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's Solar Time!

Today was our solar panel installation day!  What a thing to have going on before we leave tomorrow for Utah!  But, we're trying to get it all done as fast as possible so we can have it in place before it gets scorching hot here in AZ (as if it's not - it was 109* today).

I went in to work for a meeting early this morning and then came home to work the rest of the day.  The Solar City guys were already here and up on the roof when I arrived home.  This picture shows Chris, Zach, and another guy up there working.  They were really nice to stop to pose for me - but I didn't catch the picture before they went right back to work.  Later, I got them to pose with one of our panels.  We received an email just a few days ago that we actually were getting the newest ones - they are the 250 kilowatt panels instead of the 240 or 245 kilowatt ones in our original plan, so I'll take those except 5-10 kilowatts!

I honestly don't know how these guys did it - wearing those long sleeves and jeans for 11 hours straight up on a hot tile roof, in 109* heat.  I did see them, however, drinking tons of water and gatorade all day though, so I'm sure that helped.  You didn't hit me until just now that they never asked if they could use the bathroom or anything.  I wonder what they did about that.....let's just imagine that they sweated it all out of them....

I wish I could take a picture of the panels on the roof, but they are far enough back that I can barely see them. you can barely see them too!

I'm just happy they are installed now and that next week the city will be out here to inspect everything and then we just wait for APS to approve the flip to solar.  Hopefully, that won't take long!!

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