Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas is on Its Way!

I LOVE Christmas. It is THE best time of the whole year. I love the sights and sounds. I love driving around looking at Christmas lights. I love the jingle of the Salvation Army bell ringers. I love helping out with Secret Santa. I love finding that perfect gift for someone. I love the brisk wind while I'm either out shopping or watching it out my window while I cyber shop. And, I LOVE our Christmas food and traditions. But, most of all, I LOVE the true meaning of Christmas - the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, which includes our special Christmas Eve program.

It is so sad to me that so many people have forgotten the true meaning of why we celebrate this holiday. It's sad that it's "politically incorrect" to say Merry Christmas to others and that we're supposed to say "Happy Holidays" instead. You know what? Forget that! I will say Merry Christmas all I want. If someone doesn't like it, too bad. If they're at a store buying presents and decorations for Christmas, I'm gonna say it. If they're buying Hanukkah stuff, I'll wish them a Happy Hanukkah instead. But, Christmas is Christmas and nobody is going to stop me from expressing my rights to free speech.

I have been searching and searching the last few days/weeks for a story to share as part of our Christmas Eve program. I haven't quite found the perfect one yet. I do have the "gift" that we're going to give everyone though - it's quite special. I won't say what it is though because Lisa or Auntie might read this blog and then they would know what it is and that can't happen until Christmas Eve. I made a trek to Deseret Book yesterday and found it there. It's quite exquisite and delicate. Now, I just need to find the perfect story. I have a couple I'm trying to decide on. I'm sure I will be guided to the right one as the special night draws nearer.

Speaking of Hanukkah, my ancestors were Jewish and to honor them, I light a menorrah every night through Hanukkah. I stopped in at Pier 1 last night - yum, LOVE that store! - and found some awesome Hanukkah candles. They are blue, white, and silver. I wish I'd gotten that menorrah they had. It was only $20. I already have a menorrah, but it's small and gold and I don't really care for it all that much. I got it on clearance about 7 or 8 years ago for about $3. The one at Pier 1 would be great. It's just so simple and beautiful. Oh well. The thing I love about celebrating Hanukkah is not only that I remember my ancestors, but there is a very cool "rule" about Hanukkah: after lighting the menorrah, the woman of the home is not allowed to do ANY WORK for 30 minutes!!! It's FANTASTIC! I love to just sit there, look at the candles, look at my tree, and soak up the quiet of the moment. This reminds me...I need to make my one Hanukkah card for the year still! I have a dear friend, with whom I used to work, who is Jewish. He is always honored that I remember him. In case you're interested...Hanukkah begins December 4th at sundown. And, if you'd like to join in on this tradition, here is a link to a really good site that tells all about how to light the menorrah.

I hope to get all of my Christmas decor up this week while I'm off. So far, that's about the only thing I may get done from my list!

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Angela said...

I LOVE Christmas too....I'm so excited that it is already that time of year again!