Monday, November 12, 2007

The Sunday Saga

So on our way to church this morning we noticed that the truck didn't sound too great when it started. It's not even two years old. We got to church, went in, had a lovely Sacrament meeting all about service, given by a recently returned Iraq War veteran and his wife. His talk was SO good. It really made me think about the service I provide or the lack thereof. After Relief Society/Priesthood, we went to leave and guess what...the truck wouldn't start. Right away, I looked over to the right and there were the Cowdens. Robbie and Angela have always been there in my time of need. Dead batteries, blessings, etc. ALWAYS there. How grateful I am for their service.

They gave me a ride home to get C's truck and I headed back to the church. We ended up having to go buy a battery on Sunday so we could get the truck home and ready for today, but I think Heavenly Father will forgive us. Batteries here just don't last more than 18-24 months because of the heat. It really bites.

I hope all the saga will end now. I've had enough.

Thanks to all of the veterans out there...Clint, Dad, Uncle Ward, and all the rest. I truly appreciate the service you've provided in protecting our country and ensuring we continue to have our freedom!

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