Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday to Lisa

Lisa's birthday was Friday (just two more years and she'll be 50!) and since neither of us were working that day, I picked her up, along with her mom, and we went to Chompies for lunch. YUM! I absolutely love Chompies! I had the usual - a mile high pastrami sandwich on rye. Oh my. The meat was fab, as usual, but the bread - oh, the bread - it was so fresh and soft and good. It was so fantastic that I bought a whole loaf to take home. And, since I don't think Clint likes rye bread, I will get the whole loaf to myself! YUM-O-LA!

After lunch, we headed back to Lisa's house and she showed me the pictures from the scrapbooking event at Cindy's cabin over Thanksgiving. Cute! Wish I could have been there too. Then, I went up and worked on her computer for a couple of hours while we visited. It was so great to just get to spend some time with her. It seems like such a long time since we had one-on-one time!

All the while though, it was pouring rain. It had started about 11:30 that morning and it just kept going. It actually took me 70 minutes to get home - it usually only takes about 45. Traffic was crazy - people here just don't see rain very often and so when it happens, they forget that they have to slow down - either that, or they slow do so much that it slows everything to a crawl. I walked in about 10 minutes before Clint. We went to Macayo's for dinner and got to eat in the jungle room. The food was just so-so this time. I'm either getting sick or it just didn't have much flavor...

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