Saturday, December 8, 2007

Update on "The List"

While I was on vacation over Thanksgiving, I blogged my list of things that I wanted to get done before I went back to work. So....let's see how I did:
  1. Clean the house (yeah, that one is probably the least favorite, but most needed!) - NOPE
  2. Finish the laundry - DID SOME
  3. Stain the armoire (we bought it at a garage sale for $25 and then C refinished it) - NOPE
  4. Get the armoire moved into our bedroom and the TV put inside, etc. - NOPE
  5. Sand down the kitchen table and chairs, stain them, and recover the seats - NOPE
  6. Install the shower door in the guest bathroom (it's only been in the box for 4 months now leaning up against the bathroom wall) - NOPE
  7. Paint and install the chair rail trim in the guest bathroom - NOPE
  8. Paint and install the mirror trim in the guest bathroom - NOPE
  9. Decorate the house for Christmas - DID SOME
  10. Finish the Christmas presents - NOPE
  11. Hang some of the pictures I bought for the new house (that we didn't end up buying) - NOPE
  12. Finish making the Christmas cards - NOPE
  13. Write our Christmas letter and find a picture for the cards - NOPE
  14. Find the pictures for another Christmas gift and get them printed - NOPE
  15. Install the new internet modem - NOPE
  16. Shred all the shredables - YES!
  17. Practice, practice, practice the piano for the Christmas Eve song (as well as the songs for church this weekend) - SORT OF - At least it got tuned!
  18. Come up with a plan for HFPE for next year - NOPE

Clint's list of chores for this week:

  1. Hang the Christmas lights and decorate the yard - YEP!
  2. Take out all of the trashes and recycles - YEP!

Hmmmmph! That doesn't look too great. I actually ended up getting a pinched nerve near my spine and essentially couldn't do ANYTHING for over half of my vacation! Now, I'm severely behind. I have got to get going or I will never be ready for Christmas!

By the do you like the look of the new blog?


Angela said...

Love the new look--how did you do it? I have been wanting to have a change for a while now.

Cindy said...

It looks great, and you did a nice job of finding your pictures! Where did you end up going to get them? Looks beautiful. Good Job!