Saturday, December 8, 2007

Just 2 More Weeks Until Christmas!!!

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by and that Christmas will soon be here! I still have a ton of presents to finish, get everything shipped off to Utah, finish decorating, clean the house, and all the rest of the stuff to prepare for our special Christmas Eve dinner and program. I've given up on trying to play the song I was going to play that night for my part of the program because it is incredibly hard and I just haven't had (and won't have) the time to practice as much as I need to.

Some news on the wedding pictures front...I found a program online that is able to recover deleted photos. I downloaded it and was so excited to find that it retrieved a ton of pictures! However, upon further was able to recover a lot of pictures, but unfortunately, none of them were the wedding ones (unless they were the ones labeled CORRUPTED). I'm still sad, but what else can I do? I still cannot find the CD with all of the pictures on it from when I backed them up. Oh well. I still do have the pictures from when C and I were sealed in the Jordan River temple a year ago so I guess those will have to suffice. Wow...has it been a year already? Where has the time gone? Happy Temple Anniversary on December 30th! Love you!

Got my hair chopped off and colored today. Cute. Love how shorter hair feels on this old body of mine. Just feels so freeing. I need to find some Goldwell Spray Wax. I really liked it when she put it in my hair as she was styling it. Spray anything is always better for me. I hate stuff on my hands.

Went to tithing settlement today. Good chat with the bishop. Clint and I have to speak on the Sunday before Christmas. I actually am really looking forward to it. C doesn't know yet. He was unable to go with me because he had to work today. Surprise honey!

Well, off to try to get some work done. Have a wonderful 5th night of Hanukkah. Oh - by the way...I still have not been home once this week at the appropriate time to light my menorrah. Bummer! Tonight will be the first time!

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Anonymous said...

Your blog looks so good!!! So festive! I love it! I for one, can't wait to hear you guys speak. It will be great!