Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's 2 a.m. in the Morning...and I Can't Sleep...

Well, it's been about a week since I last posted and again, it seems like forever! For some odd reason, I just don't stay on top of this like I want to. I've got to try harder as this is about the only means of a journal that I have.

So I have a lot to catch up on. Let's see. Today, well actually on Saturday (yesterday), I decided to stop in at Target because I'd heard that the scrapbooking stuff was 90% off. I was all over that! I got there and decided to park near the garden center because I thought I'd run down to the Christmas section too and see if there was anything left (after reading about Angie's haul) and that way I wouldn't be forced to shop the entire store. I'd been there the day after Christmas when everything was 50% off and bought 56 boxes of Christmas lights (48 - 100 count strands and 8 boxes of 300 ct twinkling net lights), but hadn't been back since.

As I was walking through the garden center, I saw these beautiful garden pots. There were 3 sizes. When C and I were building the new house, the model home had these two huge pots out in front that I loved. I wanted to get some for when our house was finished and came across some on sale at Fry's for $30 each. Awesome deal considering they were normally about $75 each. However, I decided not to buy them. When I finally decided I was going to buy them, someone else already had and they were gone.

Ok, back to my Target story...So I see these pots and they are far more gorgeous than the Fry's pots. So, I start looking for a price and the big ones are $60 each. I started to walk away and say forget it, but I overheard a lady asking another lady how much they were. The second lady said $6. I politely pointed out that the sign said $60, not $6. Come on...Smith and Hawken super huge pots for $6? Right. Not even. Well, the second lady, who I then notice is a Target employee, says "they're 90% off so they're $6." OH MY FREAKIN' HECK. Immediately, I'm all over the two large red ones. A guy loads them in my cart for me. Heavy. They are concrete. What do I expect?!?! I ran down to the Christmas stuff....all gone. It actually looked like the Grinch had been there after he left Whoville! There were just crumbs left...and people were sucking those up too! I grabbed up 3 rolls of wrapping paper (only $0.39 each!) that coordinated and a package of large ornament hangers (a whole whopping $0.06) and headed back for the garden center. On my way to the checkstand, I grabbed a medium green pot. All in all, I had $170 worth of pots in my cart and I got them for $17! What a steal!

So, did I end up getting any scrapbook stuff for 90% off? Heck no. Anytime I 'hear' about stuff on the scrapbooking message boards about Target and great finds, I rush on over to T and they never have any of it. It's like they never got the memo. However, today, that's okay. I'm grateful for the fantastic deal I did get! (Plus, I've got enough SB stuff to last me a few years!)

So now it's 2:21 in the morning...starting to get a little sleepy, but not much. Our church doesn't start until 10 a.m. now, so I'm not too worried. I don't have to get up until 8:30! Yeah!!!

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