Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Day of God's Power

Today I went to Tina's dad's funeral at the Palm Croft Baptist Church. It was a funeral unlike any that I have ever experienced, but that could be because I've only ever really attended Mormon funerals. I didn't know Dwight, but I care for his daughter as if she were my sister. It was sad for me to see their family in SO MUCH pain regarding his death. My knowledge and faith in my own beliefs has helped me so much since my own mom died 3 years ago. I have faith that we WILL be together again after we pass from this earth. I noticed that Dwight's pastor spoke of Dwight being with God now, but never mentioned the rest of the family joining him someday either as a family or just as brothers and sisters as many religions believe. It was kind of like they just believe that each person is alone with God after they die. It really made me stop and think about my own beliefs and testimony. I see such a change in my testimony and spirit since I've met and married Clint. He has helped me in so many ways regarding my testimony. His devotion to the Gospel and the laws of tithing and fast offering amaze me. I am grateful that he told me we could not get married until I once again became a full-tithe payer. I am grateful that because of this, we were able to go to the temple and be sealed together as husband and wife for all eternity. I, although sometimes apprehensive, am grateful that we pay a very generous fast offering. It's amazing that in all the years that Rex and I were together, he never was committed to any of the things that I mentioned like Clint is. I know that Heavenly Father sent Clint into my life for a reason and I am so grateful for that!

Speaking of he called me at work and told me he had dinner all taken care of. I was grateful for that too! We have been eating out A LOT and sometimes you just want a quiet dinner at home. When I got home, he moved our patio firepit out onto the back lawn, up on some blocks, and had our patio chairs around it. As soon as it was mostly dark, he started the (bon)fire and we roasted italian sausages over it. We planned on watching the lunar eclipse while eating, but soon discovered that we were on the wrong side of the house for that! Plus, the winds were whipping up (sending sparks from the fire everywhere) and it was getting REALLY cold. So, after we could take it no longer, he doused the fire and we went inside to thaw. A little while after going inside, he called me to come into the front bedroom and looking outside the window, we had the perfect shot of the eclipse. We saw it for all of 30 seconds before the winds pushed clouds in front of it and it was gone. Shortly thereafter, there was a huge bolt of lightning and then a roaring clap of thunder and we had an awesome thunderstorm! It lasted about 30 minutes and then was gone. What a cool night weather-wise though!

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Casey Lu said...

Yes that night was really really cold and the Eclipse was cool. Glad God sent you the one that he knew was right for you. :)