Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Temple Trip w/C & Dad

I took today off and the three of us went to the temple. Awesome experience. Before we went, we stopped at the distribution center to pick up some things. Dad is actually going to be working at the Jordan River temple beginning in March, so I bought him some new white pants. I'm proud of him for taking this step. He hasn't gone to the temple since Mom died 3 years ago and so it was great to be able to be with him as he went for the first time again.

I had a difficult time focusing today. I just couldn't keep my mind focused on what I was doing and why I was there. However, I had a very spiritual experience that helped me. It's too personal to share here in this public space, but just let me say, that it was a testament of the magnitude of the work we do in the temple. I've never had anything like that happen before and I will never forget it.

After finishing up at the temple, we drove over and saw my cousins, Gwen and Cara. We got to meet Cara's fiancé Steve and play with Gwen's kids. Jim wasn't there...he'd gone to the temple just as we were leaving the temple so we missed visiting with him.

Headed home and stopped at Golden Corral (the Coral as we call it) for dinner. Great day.

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