Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Pageant

So tonight C picked me up from work with a bucket of chicken from KFC in tow and we hoofed it down to the Mesa, AZ, temple for the annual Easter Pageant. We arrived around 5 and the grounds were quickly filling up. By 6, a lot of the seats were already taken. All around us were families with their blankets, coats, games, and dinners. We had actually put our stuff on the two chairs beside us and eventually I saw a man and woman looking for a space to sit down. I asked them if they were looking for a seat and they said yes. We visited for a few moments and I found out they were from Calgary, Canada, visiting AZ for about a month. They weren't members of the church and I was so pleased to be able to visit with them and share the Gospel in such a wonderful way - but without making them feel like I was forcing it on them. They asked what there was to do while waiting and I explained what they could see in the visitor's center. They were gone until the pageant started!

The pageant started at 8 and there was such a peaceful feeling this year - at least for me anyway. Normally, there are anti-Mormon protestors standing on the sidewalk yelling during the prayer or during the Ascension at the end, or as we head back to our cars. But not this year. There was a simple little pamphlet left on the truck and C said he saw only one protestor. I was so grateful. I have been feeling somewhat blue spiritually lately for a couple of reasons and I really was hoping to have a wonderful experience tonight. Right away, within the first 5 minutes I was crying. I cried a number of times during the hour long pageant. (There was a small child behind us though that kept talking and kicking me, etc. that easily distracted me otherwise I probably would have bawled during the whole thing.) I was so touched by Christ's love for the children. I was touched by his power to heal and forgive. There was so much that I thought about during the pageant and I wanted to write all of my feelings down right then and there, but obviously couldn't. There were a couple of changes that I noticed that actually made it even better. Just small things, but good for those who may not know Christ or his Gospel or understand what the scriptures say about him.

I was ESPECIALLY touched by the parable of the 10 virgins this time. I feel a sense of urgency speedily coming to fruition regarding preparing for the 2nd coming of our Savior. I see so many signs of the times that it brings somewhat of an uneasiness to my heart and mind. The natural disasters, the financial and physical hardships so many in the world are facing, everything. It makes me more aware of all that I still need to do to continue my progression back to His presence. I crave for my father to lead our family in preparing for our Savior's return. I am hoping that his work in the temple beginning next month will bring him closer to the Lord and he will feel His spirit drawing him closer and inspiring him to lead us.

Well, it is late and I have to get up early. Will try to update my Mar 17th entry soon but may not get to it until Sunday or so. Love y'all.

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Jennifer said...

What a wonderful evening. I would like to plan to come one year. It sounds like a wonderful spiritual experience.