Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy, Busy Day

Today was super busy at work. Realized that I am going to be super swamped for the next four weeks and actually had to print out a calendar for March and April and then work everything out on it - work and non-work related - so I could effectively utilize my time to accomplish everything. I think I'm about tired of the commute everyday and if the housing market wasn't so bad right now, we'd buy a house closer to my work. I spend almost 2 hours everyday on the road. It's what frustrates me so often and makes my mood bad a lot of the time. I wish people would get off their cell phones and just drive. I do a lot of my calls while I'm driving because of my schedule and crazy life, but I use an earpiece and it certainly does help to keep my focus on my driving. I can't wait for the day when EVERY car is required to have hands-free cell phone access and holding a phone while you drive is illegal. Hopefully that will help get a lot of people back on track with their driving.

Called C today as I left work and asked what was for dinner. I was hoping, in one way, that he would say that he'd made corned beef and cabbage since we didn't eat it on Monday since he forgot to take it out of the freezer before he left for work. But, then I got this HUGE craving for Peter Piper Pizza. C and I have become the PPP groupies in the last year or so. Pepperoni pizza and wings. Yum. When I was younger, my mom would periodically pull one, or more, of us kids out of school early and would take us to PPP for a late lunch. We always had a small drink or water and a pepperoni pizza with "floating cheese". The guys at PPP called it that because she always wanted tons of sauce on it and it would make the cheese look like it was floating on top. A few times ago, when C and I went to PPP for dinner, I told them to be sure to put lots of sauce on the pizza - double extra sauce - because they just never put enough on. Well, that time, they put SO MUCH sauce on, that it was actually gross. So, now, we just ask for extra sauce and light cook and it comes out just right.

Tonight I spent 2.5 hours working on my old wedding dress, getting it ready for Holly to wear to the temple next Saturday. I need her to come over tomorrow and try it on inside out so I can finish fitting it to her and altering it. She's going to look so pretty in it. Holly is my housecleaning lady. She comes every other Saturday to clean the house while I try to get caught up on other things around here that have fallen behind in the last couple of years. Holly and her husband have had a hard life. They used to live on the streets and were into drugs and gangs. Their son joined the church when he was just about 11 years old. Holly and her daughter then joined and the family moved to Arizona from California about 3 years ago. Then, the rest of the family joined, leaving their old lives behind. They struggle financially but have a wonderful attitude about helping others. I feel like sometimes the ward members look down on her because she is different than them, and sadly, I think I used to as well. But, after talking with her and getting to know her more, she is a very lovely person and am glad to call her my friend. It will be wonderful to see them be sealed next Saturday. She never had a real wedding, so they are having a small open house in the evening after their sealing. At first, I thought it was a little odd, but you know, every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding and she deserves it too.

Not much else today to report other than got to watch AI tonight while I worked on the dress and I was totally shocked to see Carly in the bottom three. While she may not have chosen the best song the other night, she still sang better than that horrible sounding Ramiele. Hopefully, her fans will be sure to vote for her next week. Glad to see Amanda seemed like she only had one sound and it wasn't all that pleasing. My predictions for the Top 3: David Cook, David Archuleta, Carly Smithson. We'll see!

Random Memory #4: As Easter quickly approaches, I thought today about how my dad used to always buy my mom an Easter lily every year. And, it seemed like many years he bought a corsage for her to wear as well...but that actually was probably on Mother's Day. Either way, he always made sure she had a lily. She loved those!


Jennifer said...

It's funny how memories differ. I guess you were the one she got out early because I never remember being taken out to go for pizza. But then I didn't care much for PPP so maybe that's why she didn't take me.
I don't know if the Easter Lily and corsage memory is from when you were a kid or not but I am the one who bought them for her from the time I was 16. I would leave them on the doorstep, ring the bell and run. Maybe she thought it was Dad. Either way they are happy memories for us both. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Cindy said...

I'm so glad you're back to posting. I've missed them and catching up with you. I love how you are helping Holly. You both will never forget it.