Monday, June 16, 2008

Jewish Sliders Rock!

Clint and I have recently been going through some major buying decisions. We don't make it very far though because either a prompting from the Spirit or rationalization kicks in and we often change our minds. For example, last August we put money down on a 27' Jayco travel trailer. Then, the next day we cancelled it when we found out Clint's hospital was being bought out by another hospital. Good thing....he lost his job 3 months later. Recently, we went through the whole process of interviewing 5 different pool builders to build a pool in our backyard. As we were in the final process of determining funding and deciding which of the final two builders to go with, we again changed our minds! Good thing...the price of gas is now $4.15 a gallon and the additional expense of a pool would have made things financially tighter than they are now because of gas, food, and everything else increases.

Well, so, now we are looking at new kitchen/dining furniture. This is much more affordable than a $21-25k pool or a $20k trailer and is "kinda" needed. The chairs that came with Clint's dining set are falling apart. They rock A LOT and I'm afraid to sit on them. Not to mention...they are bright blue (yuck-he likes the color but I don't at all). Sure, we've tried fixing them, but they just will not tighten up. The cushions are so dirty that I'm embarassed by them. A while back, I asked C to strip the blue paint off of all of them and the table legs. I had big plans to sand them all down and stain them, then recover the cushions on the chairs. Well, that just has not happened and the manufacturer must have used some special kind of paint that just doesn't come off because C went through a ton of stripper and sand paper trying to get it off of one of the chairs and it just wouldn't come off very well. next plan was to just paint them. BUT, now that they are literally falling apart at the seams, we've decided to just buy a new dining set.

We have been to a ton of stores here in town - Ashley, Mor, The Roomstore, Pruitt's, Surprise Furniture, J&K, you name it, we've been there. I'm so tired of salesmen and walking through stores only to not find what I'm looking for. We found something at Mor that we both really liked, would expand out enough that we could fit 10 around it comfortably if needed and was fairly priced. However, we didn't really know that it would fit the style of our home. So, we decided to go home and determine spacing and whether or not the design matched our "style." We got home and NO WAY! It just was too formal. Bummer. We really liked it. It would have been PERFECT in our new house that we didn't get because we couldn't sell this one.

Today we went to Pruitt's after work. It was a LONG way away from home - 34th St and Thomas. It's a HUGE building. We wandered around and I found something I "liked" but C didn't like it. Then, right across from it, he found this:

It's a mission style set. I'm really not into the mission style though. It was rustic enough though that I felt it would work well with our decor. The only thing I absolutely hated about it was these little bowtie looking things on the table and on the hutch. If you look close (or click on the picture to enlarge it), you'll see them on either side of the runner. We sat there for a while and I finally felt like I could accept this set. The chairs were extremely comfortable and since I didn't like the covering, I would just recover them myself with the fabric I'd bought for the other chairs a while back. So, we paid the bill and off we went to Chompie's for dinner....with Flat Stanley in tow.

When we arrived at Chompie's, we decided to order an appetizer. I've never done that at Chompie's because the sandwich and fries that I get are so huge that I don't even consider an appetizer (other than the FAB-U-LOUS 1/2 sour pickles that they serve - FREAKIN' YUM!!!). Well, we decided to try the Jewish Sliders. All I can say is...FREAKIN' YUM!!! It was like heaven on a challah roll! So get this...they open a challah roll, put a potato pancake on the bottom piece, then brisket, then melted cheese, then the top of the challah roll. They bring 3 of these things out with a little cup of brisket gravy to dip them in. Oh my word! Talk about heaven! I was schputzing just looking at them. After I took my first bite, my jaw hit the table. So, so good. I am so glad I have jewish blood running in my veins! I loved them! Clint really liked them too. Flat Stanley wanted his own, but he just couldn't fit one in his mouth so he had to watch us enjoy them.
Finally, they brought out our dinner. Clint ordered the brisket (more?!?!?) platter and I, of course, without deviation, ordered the hot pastrami on rye with havarti cheese, with extra crispy fries. Flat Stanley wanted part of it too. I gave him a taste and he said, "That is SOOOOOOO good! Can we send a pickle to Dylan?" I told him it would be fun to send a pickle to Dyllie, but it wouldn't taste very good by the time it got there so Dyllie would have to come to Arizona soon and Auntie would take him to Chompie's.

We headed for home with our bellies full and got ready for the next day. As for the dining table...I'm still unsure about it. I just detest those little bowties!


Jennifer said...

I enlarged and looked at the little bowties. Me no likey either. If you don't LOVE it, don't get it. You'll be sorry.

Jennifer said...

This is Jonah, if there's any where he went not posted please feel free to let me know!
I love you
Love,Jonah Davis