Friday, July 11, 2008

My Sister Cracks Me Up!

So I was downloading all of the pics I took on our trip to California and I completely forgot that I had taken these pictures of my sister, Jennifer. I came across them and I about burst out laughing! She makes me laugh so hard. There was one night that we were sitting around back in the bungalow and she was doing an impression of my dad with his video camera on Christmas Eve and she quickly swooped up my digi camera bag and threw it up on her shoulder like Dad's big, old style video camera. We were all cracking up. (Dad - sorry - but it was just too funny!) She certainly has a fun sense of humor. Love ya sis!


Jennifer said...

have never thought of myself as funny, so thanks! But you could have left off the pics,they sure are attractive!

Cindy said...

Oh my heck! Too funny!

Leslie said...

Love the botox lips what a ham.