Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday / Sunday Update

At 630 yesterday morning, C asked me if we were getting up or sleeping in. I said, "Well, you want to sell the boat and stuff and I need the table out of the front room so I can get it cleaned up, so I guess we're getting up even though I'm exhausted."

So, we moved all the garage sale crap outside for the community garage sale and then didn't sell one thing. We had a nibble on the boat though, so that's good. A lady was interested in the table, but said she'd come back later if she was still interested. We never saw her.

I told C I just could not sit out there in the heat, but I ended up doing it and after we moved everything back into the garage because he had to go to work, I ended up finally inside - sick from the heat. I had even had a huge umbrella over me, but I just cannot be out there in it anymore.

I went in my SB room a little after he left and worked for about 4 hours and then decided that was about as much as I could get done. I eventually did go back in for another hour and a half or so, but don't feel like I accomplished ANYTHING in that 5-6 hours! I did get ALL of my beads put into the little compartment boxes I bought a while back so that is good. I got most of my seed bead tubes hung back up but discovered that I need more of the little hanger post thingamadoogies from Lowes or Home Depot. I got a bunch of craft stuff out of bags and into a "craft" crate so they're not mixed in with the scrap crap or the bead stuff, so I guess that's good too. I got my ribbon racks put back in order and all the glue sticks in a box. I got a bunch of brads and stuff put in the tilt bins on the wall and a few other little things so I guess I AM making headway. I just still have so far to go!

We finally moved the armoire into our bedroom...but C hasn't ever drilled any holes in the new back of it and I still haven't stained or painted it, so it's sitting in the middle of our room until I do that within the next week or two, I guess.

Church today was interesting...we started Sacrament meeting off by singing a song that NOBODY knew - again. It's quite embarassing when you have an investigator there and NOBODY sings because nobody knows the song.

Next, there were three young women who spoke about baptisms for the dead. The first two used the exact same scripture to open their talks, but that's alright. It was the message overall that counts and that they were there. I haven't ever seen them before, but I noticed their parents there and put two and two together. It would be nice if their parents would come more frequently so the ward could get to know them better.

Anyhow, one of the girls said something that really made me think. She said that we do this work for those who didn't have the opportunity to do it while they were here upon the earth and that they have the free agency to choose whether or not to accept the work that is being done for them. I've known that all my life, but it's never really hit me quite like it did today. Maybe it was the words "free agency," rather than "it's their choice." I don't know; but, my mind really pondered that - that we were ALL sent here to do what we would with our free agency.

I often think about that in more secular terms - drinking, smoking, alcohol, pre-marital sex, drugs, etc. But, today, I really realized that using our free agency to choose whether or not to become one of His flock is so much more of a life-altering and ETERNAL event. I am so proud of my friends Casey and Ehren for taking the step to go to the temple this coming weekend. They will be receiving their own endowments on Friday evening and then they will go back on Saturday morning to have their family sealed together for ETERNITY. They have used their free agency to choose this path. Nobody has forced them there. They are doing it of their own free will. What a great weekend this is going to be! On Saturday evening, the husband of another lady in our ward is getting baptized. How wonderful! Again, he is using his free agency to make that choice. She didn't force it upon him. This week is going to go by so slowly as I wait to enjoy the wonderfully uplifting spiritual weekend ahead. I actually get to go to the temple twice within 24 hours! Friday, hurry, hurry, hurry!

After the young women sang, the young men and their leaders, along with one of the missionaries, sang "Called to Serve." It was a little rough in certain spots (with boys' changing voices and all...) but toward the end, I teared up a little. Here are 25+ young/older men singing about going out into the world and sharing the gospel. Some of these boys still have many years until they will do so, others have already gone and come back, one is currently doing that, and one is getting ready to go. It truly made me think about my nephew, who is of age to go and has been struggling with deciding whether or not to go. I pray for him often that the Spirit will guide him to make the right decision. I know he would gain the greatest treasures by doing so.

The rest of the meeting went quite slowly and my foot still being in pain didn't help at all. We headed off to Primary and I guess having told Heavenly Father that I would try to be genuinely happy being there must have helped somewhat. When I came into the room, the children were singing the opening song. One of our "more spirited" children came running up to me and jumped into my arms. She and I had had "a talk" last week about behaving in Primary and both of us ended up crying during our little talk. So, this was a big step for me and for her. She sat on my lap (what little bit there is) for about 10 minutes and then moved to her chair. She actually did pretty well for the most part. It wasn't until we got to class that she become more rambunctious (is that how you spell that?!?!?). But, overall, I did okay today. I guess my little prayers helped a little.

It's now 5 pm and C needs to get up from his nap and I need to go start some dinner. It's taco night again....I get on these things where I get cravings for certain foods - really bad - and lately, it's tacos. At least it's not pickles....


Cindy said...

Love that your posting again even though you have so many other things to do.

Pictures of your SB room please! I love to see all the different storage ideas and I'll bet you have them thought out really well. It sounds like you actually got a lot done in there. Keep it up and post pictures, pictures!!!

Jennifer said...

All in all, sounds like a good day. I would kill to be at your house for some yummy tacos that I did not have to make. I am still telling everyone that my best last homemade meal was the one you made on Christmas Day. I love you!

Casey Lu said...

What a spirit filled post!! Yesterday's talks were quite interesting. I was so happy to see your class so well behaved in sharing time yesterday! I have been praying that the Lord will help calm them with the Spirit during that time so they can learn and that it would be enjoyable for you! I am SO EXCITED about this week!!!! So glad you will be coming!!!! I can't wait! I am hoping this week goes fast so Friday will be here quickly!


I was just saying, thanks for sharing that post,I had no clue about any of that information you provided about Odumba...I swear I learn something new about him every day