Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

Thanks to all of the veterans out there...Clint, Dad, Uncle Ward, Shane, Craig, Truman, Lance, Tony, and all the rest. I truly appreciate the service you've provided in protecting our country and ensuring we continue to have our freedom!

We're off to "The Coral" tonight for free dinner! Yay!
(Update: The Coral doesn't do Veteran's day for the free dinner. That's on Military Appreciation Monday - Nov 17th)


Jodi said...

Hope you have a good time at dinner.

Cindy said...

How is the 'room' coming along? Please take pictures. I loved you system on the wall.

ps-how is the vinyl coming along? Will you be able to send it soon? I'm trying to get all my xmas finished in the next week.