Thursday, November 20, 2008

My First Enrichment Night in the New Ward

Tonight was the first Enrichment night in the new combined ward. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many sisters there for as small of a ward as it is. Most people tried to get to know each other which was nice and it was great to see the talents some of the sisters have! We did the ancestry plates like we did for Surprise 2nd's Super Saturday and if you didn't want to do the ancestry plate, you could do a plate for a holiday. Sasha had done a plate for Christmas as an example and it was so very cute! During the evening, she did one for Valentine's Day. So cute! I decided to do a Hanukkah plate for something different. Since I try to remember my ancestry through Hanukkah, it seemed fine to me. I wish I had shaded the edges of my pieces of paper, but I didn't. It would have looked a lot better. I didn't get it finished either because I ran into a snag or two, but that's okay. I will work on it soon and get it finished.

I really am liking this new ward, although we really haven't made any friend-friends yet. Hopefully Clint and I will soon get callings so we can work with some of the other members and get to know them. Clint really needs a calling that is meaningful and will have him interact with a bunch of the men. I think if he did, it would be so much easier to integrate. I'm cool with laying low for a while. I mean, I just got done with being HFPE leader and that was a lot of work, but I'll do whatever the Lord needs me to do. I just pray it's not Primary again or HFPE leader or nursery. I'd be cool just playing the piano in Relief Society again!

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