Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy "2nd" Anniversary to Us

Literally, today is our 2nd anniversary in two senses of the word. It's our 2nd anniversary because it's the day we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Jordan River temple. It's also our second anniversary of that anniversary! Here are a few pictures from that day. It was such a wonderful day being sealed to C for eternity - to a good and righteous man - one that truly knew that was the right place for us to be - one that keeps the commandments and honors his Priesthood. It felt so wonderful being there with him and those others that were able to join us. We definitely missed those who were unable to come, but understood the reasons why.
These are our friends from Las Vegas - Jason and Shelli. Shelli and I became friends when she was just 17 years old. We were roommates at the "Y" for her first year of school and my second. Oh my, the memories. I feel so old. That was over 20 years ago. We had our ups and downs and parted ways for many years (unfortunately partly influenced by those men who used to be in our lives but are now, thankfully, no longer!). But, a while back, we reconnected and now our relationship is such that we both usually KNOW when we need to call the other person because something is wrong or bothering them. Jason - thank you so much for bringing my dear friend to her "favorite" state so you both could be with us on this special day!
Not sure where Shane was this particular day, but this was my family with us. Clint's family are not members so they could not be there with us to experience this wonderful day. We were very sad about that. We hope, that someday, that will change. It was so wonderful looking around the room and seeing all of my family there and knowing that we are an eternal family, not just 'til death do us part - and that no matter what problems we may be experiencing with one another here on earth, we still love each other. (It was so cold that day. Jodi looks like she's going to just die from the cold! And me...well, I didn't want our sealing day pictures taken with my coat on and the sun was just shining so it felt great to me.)

Two years later, C and I are still very happy together. Our commitment to the Lord and His gospel helps keep our marriage strong. We're just like everyone else - we disagree and sometimes we upset the other person - but we get past that and go on because being happy is more important than being upset.

Long story short - after many suggestions, we ended up at Cheesecake Factory for dinner to celebrate. C had this pretty yummy chicken ca*****lotta or something (I can't remember what it was called) and I had a spicy grilled chicken salad which was pretty plain. The cheesecake was yummy as always though. We came home and just spent the evening together. Love you sweetie!


Jodi said...

Yeah for two years. It might of not been too cold, but I just hate any temp. that is not above 60°

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary!

Casey Lu said...

Happy Second Anniversary!!! Such a wonderful memory and moment! Hope you had a wonderful night!