Friday, January 2, 2009

Guess Who's Blonde-ish?

Yep, ME!

Sorry, no picture, but today I went and had my hair done. I've been going through some pretty emotional stuff lately and when I get down like I've been, usually the first thing I do (just before I realize what's happening AND what I've done) is go and do something drastic to my hair. Usually, I walk into a salon with no appointment, beg for them to fit me in, and sit down in the chair and stare at myself in the mirror. By the time the stylist comes back to her station from dumping the last person's hair or what not, I've usually started bawling. I see myself in the mirror and think to myself, "How did I get so fat? I can't believe I went to work today looking like this. I'll never get anywhere. What is wrong with me?" The girl usually comes back and says, "What's wrong, honey?" She then tries to give me a little pep talk and asks what I want to do with my hair. I always tell her to just chop it off. Do what she wants. I want color. A new style. Do anything - just as long as it's not freaky. She has free reign.

Well, this time, there was no walk right in, sit right down. It was wait 4 days to get in because it was right before New Year's Eve. Okay, maybe this is a good thing so I don't do anything rash. But, no, I was still down by the time today came. I went to the Hair Hut. Okay, really, the Hair Hut? 1) Who names their business that if you really want to get big bucks from cutting hair? 2) Who goes to a place called The Hair Hut to get their hair cut? Well, it wasn't really all that bad. And, it was way cheaper. And Lucy did a nice job. I wasn't too keen on the curly style she did it in, but she did it that way so it was "fancier" since I told her I was meeting C for dinner later and she wanted me to look pretty for him.

I LOVE the blonde. It makes me feel young and free. If it weren't so different for me, I would have gone completely blonde, but I just think it would be too much upkeep and too weird considering I have such naturally dark hair. She gave me a great cut - I can wear it straight or curly and even put it up. And, most importantly...I left there happy and not quite so down and disgusted with myself. Thanks, Lucy. I'm sure I'll be visiting the Hair Hut again.

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