Friday, March 13, 2009

I KNOW It's True

I think everyone who is a member of our church at one time or another in their life, whether short or long, wonders if everything we've learned and been taught is true. I have. On many occasions. Once in a great while, I have something so spiritual and profound happen that again the Spirit testifies to me that the gospel is really true. I had such an experience today.

I remember hearing and being told that as the time of the Savior's return draws near, members will either fall away because their testimonies aren't strong enough or they will "fight" the battle and will stand for what they know is right and true. Some very sad things have been happening in our world lately - the attacks on the L.A. temple and the church after the passage of Prop 8 in California, the failing of the world's strongest economy, and now the showing of our sacred temple ceremony on a television show.

Our leaders have been telling us for years to get our food storage and our homes and lives in order. We are working to make sure we're following that counsel. This attack, though, on our temple ceremony has really struck me hard. With the additional focus on what was happening in the temple of the polygamists in Texas, who are an offshoot renegade group of our church, being drawn into the media as well, my thoughts have been heavy as of late. Sometimes I wish people would just leave us alone. Sometimes I wonder why we have to endure such things. But, I know it's all part of God's plan. This thing about showing our temple ceremony on tv this coming Sunday is still weighing heavy on me though. I began feeling those pangs of anger and...not so much "doubt" but rather just "I want to crawl back into my hole and avoid people who might ask about it." I guess it was kind of like I was embarassed. Embarassed of what though? Of my Lord's instruction and guidance on how to return to Him someday?

But, this morning, as I was getting ready for work - while reading blogs - I heard a song - such a very simple song and although there were no words being sung along with the music, I knew the words and I sang along in my head. I had the most wonderful impression come to me - that ALL of it IS true. That it is right. That I just need to continue to follow the path, follow our leaders, and have FAITH and everything will come together in the end. There is nothing to fear. That we WILL be with our families and our Savior again someday when we leave this earth.

What a wonderful feeling to start my day off with! Then, I came home from work and found this wonderful video that the church has posted on its website. While watching it, I, again, had the same calming peace come over me that I did this morning. Oh, if only everyone else's hearts could be open to this sweet, simple, peace....

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Cindy said...

What a beautiful post, Kristin. Thank you.