Saturday, March 21, 2009

June Cleaver Visits Enrichment

We had our first June Cleaver Enrichment today! Auntie Sigie dressed up as June Cleaver and taught the sisters how to crochet potholders, how to properly fold a tablecloth, and I showed how to make streuselkuchen and mom's sweet rolls.

This was our reminder email announcement. I thought it was pretty cute.

After Lizeth and Carla and I got the kitchen and overflow room all set up and some dough already going, Auntie arrived and she showed the two of them how to start crocheting. She was very patient with them. Carla picked it right up, but Lizeth had a little harder time with it. Eventually she started to get it. Soon, everyone else started arriving and we got them all going so they could crochet while watching the demonstration on the dough-making. However, it didn't quite work out that way so I just kind of had to go on with the demonstration and those who listened, listened, etc. The first batch of sweet rolls turned out yummy, but the second batch were dry. I really feared that I'd put too much flour in them, and sure enough, I had.

After talking with our Relief Society President lately, we determined that we need to bring our Enrichment activities back to the basics of homemaking. She said there are a lot of ladies in the ward that just don't even know the basics. So, Lizeth and I came up with this whole June Cleaver series which will share with the sisters the ins and outs of basic homemaking skills. I even created a set of page dividers for them and everything so they can organize all of their handouts. I hope they'll enjoy it and learn from it.

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