Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great Sunday

Didn't feel much like going to church today because I've been so sick for the last two weeks with this bronchitis, but I still went.

Sacrament meeting was really good. The talks were really good. The sisters in the Relief Society sang "The Lord is My Shepard." I thought it sounded good, but C said someone was off - especially when they tried hitting the high notes...great, it was probably me. Everytime I tried to hit the high Es, no sound would come out!

The thing that hit me the most though today was when the non-member husband of one of my friends walked in and sat down with her. It immediately brought tears to my eyes and I started crying for her. She's been wanting him to join the church and he's been coming more frequently and although she says he is cynical about church and all, I keep hoping and praying that his heart will be softened. Hopefully the talk that Brother Cutler gave today about fathers will make him think a little bit.

I was also touched by Brother Kapanak blessing the sacrament. He is such a sweet man and to see the change in him since he was baptized a few months ago is amazing. He wants to take his family to the temple and today they started the temple prep classes. I'm so happy for them!

Sunday School was really good too and Relief Society - well, the teacher that taught today is always fabulous. She just really knows how to teach - rather than read the lesson. I talked to her about speaking at our Relief Society social next month and she agreed. I'm so happy!

What a great Sunday. I was spiritually uplifted in many ways. Plus....I finally got a ton of blog entries about our trip added below!

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Shelli Clark said...

Hey I'm so sorry I didn't call you back Friday night. After dinner we went shopping, and I came home and crashed. Jason is sick, as well, and our weekend was not what we planned. I'll try and call you this week.