Thursday, March 5, 2009

Utah, Here We Come!

Well, we actually left ON TIME! I couldn't believe it! Well, actually....we were TWO whole minutes late leaving, but I considered that pretty dang close to on time. C got off work at 12:30 and I left at 11:00, so my goal was to have the truck all loaded except for Dylan's horse which C would have to load with my help and then cover with the tarp, rope, and stretchy bungy cargo thingamadoogie. We wanted to leave at 1:30 and we left at 1:32. Yay!We dropped Dog off at the PetsHotel and headed for the highway. We made really good time heading for Utah. The sun was just heading down below the horizon as we reached the peak of the mountain before you get to Lake Powell. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but C just kept on a-drivin'. The sunset was just gorgeous with those rocky cliffs and all. But, alas.... we headed toward Page we began to see Lake Powell. Oh my. It was SO LOW. I saw rocks I had never seen before. It was like someone had drained the bathtub partway. Very sad. Maybe the spring runoff will help fill it up. I certainly hope so! It was dark enough though, that we really couldn't see how bad it REALLY was (that would come on our way home on Monday).

We filled up with gas, took a potty break, grabbed a goody, and headed for Kanab. Just two more hours to our cute victorian charm inn with a jacuzzi tub and fireplace! I was so excited! Little did I know what was soon to be in store for us....

We started heading for Kanab and as we were about 25-40 miles outside of Kanab, we started seeing the signs warning us of deer migration paths for the remainder of the trip into Kanab. That just really scares me - especially since I almost hit a deer years ago and C actually has hit a deer before. Well, not 2 minutes goes by since we saw that first sign and what do we see? A coyote on my side of the road. Not a good sign. A couple of miles - seriously like 2 or 3 - and I see 3 head of deer on my side of the road. C doesn't see them. My hand tightens slightly on the door handle. A few more miles...7 more deer! We're up to 10 now. We continue on. My knuckles certainly have got to be white by now! More, more, more deer! We finally reach 22! I swear...if one had actually run across the road, I most certainly would have wet my pants, I'm sure! My blood pressure was probably 400 over 399. I was just so nervous. C even slowed down a bit because it was nerve-wracking - okay, maybe that was me that was nerve-wracking. But still, it was SCARY!

We finally pull into Kanab and find the hotel. Cute...isn't it?

We check in and then head to find somewhere for dinner. What? Does this town roll up at 8 pm? Yep! There were a few places still open, but C wasn't too keen to any of them so we grabbed some McD's (ew, in my book). We headed back to our hotel and got quite the shock of our hotel life. So...this is what the internet showed for the rooms....

And this is what ours looked like.

So, okay, a jacuzzi tub is great and all, but not if it's so narrow that a big girl can't sit in it and not if that's the ONLY means of taking a bath! (This picture actually makes the tub look bigger than it really was.) Seriously, there was NO shower! I couldn't believe it. What? The jacuzzi was supposed to be for a little R&R (relaxation and romance!), not to actually bathe in! There was nothing on the website at all that said no shower - at least nothing that I noticed that specifically stated - "this hotel does not have showers - jacuzzi tubs only."

Our bed was hard and I was too afraid to turn on the fireplace because it was so close to the bed. We watched TV for an hour or so and then tried to get some sleep. Too bad our room was RIGHT on HWY 89 though! We heard the semis and cars going up and down the road all night long. Not a good night of sleep, for sure!

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