Thursday, April 16, 2009

Haircuts and Eclairs

Today I took the day off - sort of - to spend some one-on-one sister time with Jen. I had worked really late last night to get some work finished so I wouldn't have to go into work today, but by 9:30 pm, I was beat and had to go home. Consequently, I ended up going into work for 5 more hours today to get finished. I had tried planning my day off so it wouldn't interfere with work, but yesterday I was surprised to find out that my deadline was one day less than I'd been told. So, I HAD to come in and finish. I left to pick up Jen at 11:15 at her hotel. We went to Real Deals, then to Macayo's for some lunch (again!), then to Michaels, then home. We started to make some jewelry for her and her boys' little girl-friends. Then Shane and the boys showed up to work on the computer some more. C got home and we all headed over to Auntie Sigie's for dinner.

Jennifer got the tour of their home since she's never been there before and then we all sat down to eat. Auntie went all out. We had stroganoff, rice, noodles, green salad, fruit salad, asparagus, and I think one other vegetable. Just when we thought we were all too stuffed to eat anything else, she pulls out this ginormous platter of eclairs!

Shane and Jen have been pretty good on their eating plan while they've been here. But, this was the final temptation that they just couldn't resist. Shane dove into his eclair and some scotcheroos. Oh, but they were SO worth it!

Jen then gave Craig (aka the Unibomber per Lisa) a haircut and then Lisa one as well. Craig's was the most dramatic. He looked SO good afterward!

Another cute picture of Taylor. He was always so sweet to just pose for me and smile. He never ever said, "Oh Auntie, please stop taking pictures of me!" Thanks, Taylor!

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